Other Opportunities

Other Opportunities

Many organizations, such as businesses and religious institutions, offer student scholarships.  You are encouraged to research and apply for many different scholarship opportunities.  Rose State College does not support or endorse any of the organizations listed below.  You should always do your research before providing any information.

Below are links to just a few outside resources.  

Ink Addicts - Scholarship for students pursuing a degree in Graphic Design or Art.

Learn.org Scholarships - Deadline April 1 of each year. 

Various national lists

Women, Minorities, Hispanic Latino Americans, Native Americans, African Americans, Ethnic Groups, College bound HS seniors, College and Graduate school, Computer Science and Eng., Math and Physical Sciences, Education, Internship and Summer jobs, Nationally coveted, Medicine, Public health, Nurses, Cancer Research and Education, Biology and Environmental Science, K-12, Social Sciences, Free Scholarship search, study abroad, library studies and history, media communications, all others. This site has a variety of scholarships in each field with varied deadlines.


Scholarships.com sponsored scholarships: Art, Business, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Health, Science, Technology, and more. Scholarships.com also has a variety of other scholarships with varied deadlines. This site requires a free account and will provide the user with relevant scholarship and job opportunities.


Zinch revolutionizes the current college recruitment process by allowing colleges to seek out and interact with high school students online, as a guest on the students' stage. The student's self-reported information being shared with colleges on Zinch is comprehensive--much more than a test score--and completely searchable. Zinch creates an environment in which in-depth student information can be made available to the colleges, thus enabling relevant college information to be made available to the student. Through Zinch, communication becomes more effective and interaction becomes more engaging on all ends. (from about section on Zinch.com) After creating your profile you can head to the “dollar-hollar” section to check out available scholarships.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

To be considered applicants must first meet following criteria: Intend to pursue a degree in a manufacturing related field of study; Be a high school senior or enrolled in a college or university in the United States or Canada; Reside in the United States or Canada at the time the application is submitted; Meet minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) requirements; Pursue your degree on a full time basis (12 credits at a min.). Applicants must create an account, and submit the following to complete the application process before February 1st: Student Statement, Student Resume, Transcript, and two letters of recommendation.

Fastweb - Free scholarship search

NerdScholar - Free scholarship search

Dr. Alma S. Adams Scholarship

Goedeker’s Appliances Annual Book Scholarship and the Goedeker’s Appliances Public Service Scholarship


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