Paralegal Association


CONGRATULATIONS Paralegal Association
is the 2006 Club of the Year
for RSC Student Activities!


Volunteers needed to staff two food vending booths at the upcoming state fair. Contact Jacquie Rogers, President, at


Last Meeting Minutes: September 29th 2011

Activities Volunteer Schedule:


E-mail for agenda items: Holly Waller Robbins

Proposed Agenda for next meeting:

Favorite Links:

Rose State College, Legal Assistant Program Home Page:
Central Oklahoma Legal Assistant Association (COALA):
National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA)
National Federation of Paralegal Associations:
Oklahoma Paralegal Association:
Oklahoma Bar Assoc. - Legal Asst. Info:
Paralegal Profession Info: and
National Paralegal Reporter:
Legal Assistant Today Magazine:
Legal Research Links of Professor Janet M. Wheeler:

Job Information:

RSC Career Services:
State of Oklahoma Job Info. and Job Listings
State of Oklahoma OPM Job Listings
Oklahoma County Bar Association Job Placement
Federal Job Placement or
Paralegal Jobs Nationwide Findlaw

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