Wellness Center Policies

General Information

The Wellness Center is a multi-purpose facility serving Rose State College faculty, staff, students and community members.  All patrons must present valid RSC ID to enter with no exceptions to this policy.

Hours of Operation

                           Monday-Friday       6 a.m. - 8 p.m. 
   Saturday  8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
   Sunday  *Closed 
*Additional days the Wellness Center is closed will correspond to the holidays, including Saturdays, observed by the College (approximately 15 days per year) and inclement weather closings.


                          Fall Semester:    August 16 through December 31
  Spring Semester:    January 1 through May 31
  Summer Semester:     June 1 through August 15 


  • Rose State College Regents and Spouses (Current & Retired): Free
  • Full-time Faculty and Staff (Current & Retired): Free 
  • Current Adjunct Instructors: Free
  • Credit Students: Free (if currently enrolled in at least one credit hour)
  • Individual Community Membership:
    • Adults (18-49 years of age)
      • $85.00 Membership fee for fall semester
      • $85.00 Membership fee for spring semester
      • $34.00 Membership fee for summer semester
    • Seniors (50 plus years of age)
      • $57.00 Membership fee for fall semester
      • $57.00 Membership fee for spring semester
      • $23.00 Membership fee for summer semester
  • Parking Permit & ID:  $7.00 paid only the initial membership semester


  1. All current students enrolled in at least one credit hour are eligible to utilize the Wellness Center. Non-credit students are not eligible to utilize the Wellness Center. However, non-credit students who are enrolled in any of the Continuing Education Aquatic classes are eligible to participate in open swim during open swim times. 
  2. All Rose State College faculty full-time staff and retired staff are eligible to utilize the Wellness Center. 
  3. Individual Community Wellness Center Members are eligible to utilize the Wellness Center. Individual Community Wellness Center Members purchase their memberships by enrolling in the Continuing Education Class titled "Individual Community Wellness Center Membership." There is one class for seniors and one for adults. Enrollment for these classes will be limited. 
  4. All individuals must be at least 18 years of age to enter the Wellness Center, unless given specific permission by the Director of the facility.
  5. Guests are not allowed to use the Wellness Center. 


  1. Current credit students (one credit hour or more), faculty and full-time staff 
    Go to the Wellness Center Information Desk and complete a Membership Application, a Participant Information Form, and a Waiver of Liability. Students, faculty and staff must have a valid Rose State College I.D. Card and have it encoded at the main lobby entrance.
  2. To purchase an Individual Community Wellness Center Membership:
a.  Go to the Continuing Education Office and enroll in the class titled Individual Community Wellness Center Membership. Pay your enrollment fees and receive your parking permit. While there, you will be provided a Membership Application, a Participant Information Form and a Waiver of Liability that you must complete and take to the Wellness Center. 
b. Next, go to the Student Services Building, Room 100 and get your I.D. Card. 
c. Finally, take the completed Membership Application, Participant Information Form, Waiver of Liability, and your I.D. Card to the Wellness Center Information Desk to be encoded. 

d. You will then be a member of the Wellness Center and eligible to use the facilities.


  1. All participants must complete a Membership Application Form, a Participant Information Form and a Waiver Liability and have I.D. card encoded.
  2. All participants must present a Rose State College I.D. Card and each person must swipe their card to enter. Rose State College I.D. cards can be obtained in the Student Services Building, Room 100. Replacement I.D. cards are $2.00 per card. 
  3. All participants must display a parking permit in their vehicle when parked on campus. Students, faculty, and staff can obtain a parking permit at the Cashier in the Administration Building. Individual Community Members can obtain their parking permit at Continuing Education at the time of enrollment. 


  • Facility Use
    Each person entering must present their valid RSC I.D. and swipe card to enter. If you do not have your RSC I.D. you must be logged in at the lobby front desk by your RSC Student I.D. Number. If you do not have your Student ID card and do not know your Student ID number you will not be allowed to enter the Wellness Center.
  • Entry Violations 
    False identification or using another individual's I.D. will result in an immediate suspension from the facility for a period of one full year. All visitors to the Wellness Center must show a valid picture I.D. to enter. Patrons caught letting non-members in through any entry will be suspended from facility for one full year.
  • Conduct 
    Unruly patrons will be asked to leave the Wellness Center by facility supervisors or campus police. Examples of unruly behavior (but not limited to) are as follows: threatening employees, vandalism, damaging equipment, profanity, fighting, yelling, spitting on floors, dropping weights, hanging on basketball rims. Violations of the conduct policy can result in the suspension of all Wellness Center privileges for a period of one full year.
  • Gym bags, clothing, shoes 
    - Gym bags, satchels, and backpacks must be kept in day lockers in dressing rooms or in cardio area and not left on the floor.
    - Street clothing, blue jeans, pants with belts/metal rivets, cutoff pants are not allowed inside the workout/open activity areas. Shirts are required. All individuals in the Wellness Center that are using the facility or its equipment are required to be dressed in athletic attire.
    - Athletic shoes with closed toes are required except in locker room. Dark soled athletic shoes and boots of any kind that damage/mark gym floors and aerobic room floors are prohibited.
  • Lockers
    - Day lockers are for daily use only and personal items must be removed daily.
    - Personal locks may be used daily and must be removed by the end of the day.
    - Store and secure personal items in day lockers with personal locks.
  • Lost and Found 
    - The College is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
    - Inquire at front Wellness desk for lost items.
    - Found items should be turned in at the front Wellness Desk. Unclaimed items will be held for only seven days and disposed of or given to a charity.
    - Staff members are not permitted to hold valuables for patrons.
  • Food and Beverages 
    - Food is not permitted in cardio/strength/open activity areas.
    - Bottled water is allowed in the fitness center.
    - No glass or metal containers are allowed in Wellness Center. Food and drinks are allowed in the Lobby.
    - Alcoholic beverages not allowed.
  • General Policies 
    - Smoking/use of tobacco in any form is prohibited.
    - Use of profanity is prohibited.
    - Spitting is prohibited in facility, including water fountains.
    - Cleats, sandals, flip flops, boots, bare/stocking feet are prohibited.
    - Jeans are not allowed within the workout/open activity areas.
    - Bicycles, skateboards, inline skates and Heelys are prohibited in Wellness Center. Bicycle racks are available by the Student Center.
    - Animals are prohibited in the facility, except for guide dogs.
    - Portable stereos (MP3 players, iPods, Cell Phones) are to be used with head phones only.


  • All patrons MUST reserve the Open Activity Area in order to use it. Reservation Request Forms are available at the lobby front desk. All requests must be made 24 hours in advance and are only valid if approved by the Wellness Director.
  • Only Wellness Center patrons may check out equipment and must leave I.D. at desk. 
  • The person checking out equipment in his/her name is responsible for it. Fees will be charged for lost and/or damaged equipment. 
  • Indoor equipment is prohibited from leaving the facility. Items taken from the facility will be considered lost after one day and the patron will be responsible for a replacement fee of the lost items. 
  • Any patron who has not returned item or paid the replacement fee is prohibited from checking out any equipment and may lose additional privileges. 

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