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This is a partial list of training topics offered at the Professional Training Center
*10 CEUs to Earn Management or Supervision Certificate

Coaching for High Performance

Course Objective: Employ techniques to research, draft, compose, and edit professional documents. Follow guidelines for writing appropriate and effective e-mail and learn to conduct on-line research. 2 DAYS

Communications Skills for Managers, 5th ed.

Course Objective: Utilize techniques to improve your communication skills by increasing reading, writing, speaking, and listening proficiency. 2 DAYS

Delegating for Business Success

Course Objective: Use delegation skills to manage time and resources more productively for personal and business success. 1 DAY

Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service

Course Objective: Deliver world-class customer service using Knock Your Socks Off skills in communication, self-management, and organization. 2 DAYS

Fair, Square and Legal: A Manager’s Guide to Safe Hiring, Managing and Firing Practices, 2nd ed.

Course Objective: Understand key aspects of employment law to manage safely and avoid legal liability. 2 DAYS

Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers

Course Objective: Learn key financial concepts and relate them to the financial management actions necessary for the nonfinancial manager. 2 DAYS

First-Level Leadership, 2nd ed.

Course Objective: Develop concepts and skills to lead a dynamic workforce at the first management level. 2 DAYS

First Line Supervision, 5th ed.

Course Objective: Develop skills to orient, train, manage and coach employees. 2 DAYS

Fundamentals of Human Resources Management

Course Objective: Gain the skills to develop a human resources plan based on organizational needs and master the key aspects of staffing, training and compensation practices. 2 DAYS

Fundamentals of Marketing, 4th ed.

Course Objective: Learn the fundamentals of the marketing process in the context of a global economy and a technological environment. 2 DAYS

How to Build High Performance Teams

Course Objective: Utilize a step-by-step process to recruit, empower, and lead teams. 2 DAYS

How to Manage Conflict in the Organization, 2nd ed.

Course Objective: Learn to identify potential conflicts and apply five conflict resolution strategies to defuse them. 2 DAYS

How to Manage Training

Course Objective: Develop the skills to manage training, facilitate workplace learning, and enhance organizational effectiveness. 2 DAYS

How to Sharpen Your Business Writing Skills, 2ed.

Course Objective: Employ techniques to research, draft, compose, and edit professional documents. Follow guidelines for writing appropriate and effective e-mail and learn to conduct on-line research. 2 DAYS

Leadership Skills for Managers, 4th ed.

Course Objective: Learn to develop effective leadership skills in the workplace. 2 DAYS

Making Teams Work

Course Objective: Achieve identified business objectives through the use of teams and develop skills to set team goals, identify tasks, and measure performance for team success. 1 DAY

A Manager’s Guide to Human Behavior, 4th ed.

Course Objective: Develop skills to interact successfully with others and motivate employees and coworkers. 2 DAYS

Planning and Managing Change

Course Objective: Gain skills to plan and manage every aspect of the organizational change process; develop insights to help you lead others through the change process and foster adaptability and continuous learning. 2 DAYS

Successful Interviewing: Techniques for Hiring, Coaching, and Performance Meetings

Course Objective: Develop skills needed to conduct 12 different types of business interviews and ensure legal compliance. 2 DAYS

Presentation Success

Course Objective: Employ a step-by-step approach to preparing presentations and master techniques to overcome obstacles in delivering successful presentations. 1 DAY

Successful Project Management 2nd ed.

Course Objective: Develop skills to plan and execute projects to ensure that they meet identified goals of time, cost, and scope. 2 DAYS

What Managers Do, 4th ed.

Course Objective: Use techniques to develop and improve your performance in key areas such as

Advanced Part and Assembly Modeling

Advanced Part Modeling covers how to use multibody solids, sweeping and lofting features, and the more advanced shaping capabilites of Solidworks.  Advanced Assembly Modeling covers how to maximize use of the assembly modeling capabilities of SolidWorks mechanical design automation software. 4 DAYS.  Cost $1295 per student, Group Rate $1195 for six or more.  Course Code: PIM 2092

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