Previous CSA Events

Professional Development

"Generations In the Workplace"

with Dr. Robert Spinks of OCU
Wednesday, March 7th
11:00am to 12:30pm
Professional Training Center, Rm 114

Professional Development Flyer (PDF)

Ryan Mitchell

Ryan Mitchell

Stephanie Rosillo

Stephanie Rosillo

15th Street News Article

15th Street News Article

Thanksgiving Meal

On November 18th, the CSA held a potluck dinner. The CSA provided at soda and the meat entree. Members were encouraged to bring a side dish or a can of food to be donated to a local food charity. The event was held from 12pm to 1pm in the Raider Room in the Student Center. The table centerpieces were offered as door prizes. For photos go here: Event Photos

Halloween Party

On October 31, the CSA held a campus wide costume party/contest. The contest was offered to any Rose State employee (PASA members or faculty could participate). There was an entry fee of $5. The funds raised from collecting fees were designated as prize money, as this was not intended on being a fund raiser. It's main purpose was to be a social event. The next day the contestant photos were posted on the CSA website and the entire campus was invited to vote for their favorite costume. Paper votes were accepted for individuals who did not have access to a computer. For additional photos click here: Event Photos


(Crystal Myers volunteered to opt out of the prize money since she was an officer)


CSA Booth at Global

Thank you for all those who volunteered. The funds raised from this endeavor will fund door prizes, food, employee development, etc. For those who volunteered you will be entered into winning a $30 7-11 gift card as a thank you for all that you do for Rose State and the CSA. Being next to the food court, the CSA also played the movie Rio. This year the CSA sold:

  • Domestic sodas (Pepsi, Mt.Dew, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper)*
  • Brazilian soft drinks*
  • Brazilian chocolate bom bons
  • Latino Cookies
  • Brazilian Bubblegum
  • Coconut suckers
  • CSA Cookbooks

*Being good stewards of the environment, we recycled the cans.


CSA Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2011 CSA Achievement Award Winner, Mark Mills.

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