Program Curriculum

Respiratory Therapy Program Curriculum

ENGL 1113 English Composition I
**CHEM 1114 Introductory Chemistry
PSYC 1113 Introduction to Psychology
POLS 1113 American Federal Government
HSBC 1113 Medical Terminology
Fall General Education (16 credit hours)

ENGL 1213 English Composition II
HIST 1483 U. S History to 1877 or
HIST 1493 U. S. History since 1877
*LFSC 2035 Principles of Microbiology or
*HSBC 1224 Introduction to Clinical Microbiology
*HSBC 2114 Human Anatomy
Spring General Education (14-15 credit hours)

Summer (4 credit hours)
*LFSC 2424 Human Physiology

HSRT 2114 Respiratory Therapy Procedures I
HSRT 2233 Respiratory Physiology
HSRT 2243 Respiratory Pharmacology
HSRT 2333 Respiratory Pathology
HSRT 2103 Pulmonary Function Testing
HSRT 2211 Ethics & Health Care Systems
Fall General Education (16 credit hours)

HSRT 2202 Respiratory Therapy Procedures II
HSRT 2224 Respiratory Clinic Practice I
HSRT 2343 Respiratory Therapy Critical Care
HSRT 2352 Pediatric Respiratory Care
HSRT  2213 Mechanical Ventilation
Spring General Education (14 credit hours)

HSRT 2324 Respiratory Therapy Clinic II
HSRT 2334 Respiratory Therapy Clinic III
Summer (8 credit hours)

Total Credit Hours: 70-71

*   Must be completed with a minimum grade of "C" prior to starting professional education.

**  Math prerequisite: Minimum score of 51 on the Compass Algebra Assessment Instrument or remediate by attaining an "S" (Satisfactory) in MATH 0123 Elementary Algebra. Note: This differs from the Program admission Math requirement.

State Credit: Course work in the basic science courses must be completed within seven (7) year before entering the program.

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