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Rose State College is adding student housing and a soccer program. A number of campus renovations will also be made with bond funds approved by voters last year. Check this page periodically for updates on these exciting new developments.

August 6, 2014 Bond Projects Updates 



· All demolition is complete.

New Construction

· All new piping and drains have been installed.
· New concrete pool deck has been poured.
· New pool, deck and wall tile is currently being installed.
· New gable end panels and framework will be installed this month.
· New lighting and radiant heating has been installed.
· Estimated completion date – September 1, 2014.

Wellness Center Roof Replacement

· Roof abutting the aquatics center and wellness center will be replaced.
· Bid opening date: August 12, 2014

Student Locker Room Renovation

· Locker rooms will be totally demolished and reconstructed consistent with ADA requirements.
· New lockers installed.
· New floors and ceilings.
· New toilets, lavatories, showers and incidentals installed.
· Bids opening date: August 12, 2014

General Facilities Upgrades: Social Science Building

Social Sciences will be the first of the buildings under the General Facilities category to undergo renovation. All Social Science classes for the fall semester have been relocated to other facilities around campus. Faculty and staff offices have been relocated temporarily to the HES building.
Bid opening date: August 5, 2014. Estimated completion date: December, 2014.
For more information on classroom changes go here.


o Each building will have complete restroom renovation to meet requirements of the ADA.
o Restrooms will have all new fixtures (toilets, sinks, partitions, etc.)
o New tile walls.
o New flooring (continuous pour epoxy flooring – no tile)

Building Interiors

o New LED lighting in hallways and classrooms
o New flooring and ceilings in classrooms, entries and hallways.
o New paint in classrooms, hallways and entries.
o New exterior door installation

General Facilities Upgrades: Other Buildings

Business, Engineering technology, Administration, Humanities, Fine Arts, Theater, Science and Math buildings are all currently in the design phase with various TENTATIVE dates:

Humanities and Administration:  

December 2014 bid, January 2015 construction start date, June 2015 completion date.

Engineering Technology, Fine Arts and Theater:

June 2015 bid, July 2015 construction start date, November 2015 completion date.

Science and Math and Business Administration:

November 2015 bid date, December 2015 construction start date, April 2016 completion date.

Health Environmental Science Building (HES)

· New MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) and HVAC system
· Currently in schematic design, expecting final design later this fall.
· Bidding and construction currently scheduled for summer, 2015.

IT Projects

· VOIP phone system has been purchased and was installed in July.
· Backup generator for data center: location has been determined and is currently in design phase.
· Fiberoptic enhancement is in design phase.
· Wireless enhancement is in design phase.


· Complete building renovation and expansion; programming phase is complete and the architect is currently in the schematic design phase of plan development.
· New IT network.
· New HVAC system installation.
· New flooring, ceiling, lighting, and finishes.
· Complete restroom renovation consistent with the requirements of the ADA.
· New book collection storage system.
· A Café will be located in the new expansion
· Anticipated bidding date for first construction packages is summer, 2015


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