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Rose State College is adding student housing and a soccer program. A number of campus renovations will also be made with bond funds approved by voters last year. Check this page periodically for updates on these exciting new developments.

May 29, 2014 Bond Projects Updates 


·         The existing wall finishes have been completely removed.
·         Existing pool tile and pool subgrade have been removed
·         Pool deck (concrete) has been removed.
Dive blocks and diving board has been removed.
A/C unit (west end exterior) has been removed.
Gable end panels and framework has been removed.
Existing exterior doors have been removed.
Existing lighting and infrared heating system has been removed.
Pool piping will be removed.

New Construction
·         New piping for water supply / circulation will be installed.
·         New concrete pool deck will be installed consistent with ADA / Health Department requirements.
·         New deck drain system will be installed.
·         New deck tile will be installed.
·         New wall tile will be installed.
·         Dive blocks will be relocated to west end of pool.
·         New gable end panels and framework will be installed.
·         New doors will be installed throughout.
·         Estimated completion date – September 1, 2014.

Wellness Center Roof Replacement
·         Roof abutting the aquatics center and wellness center will be replaced.
·         Bids will be advertised in June, with construction starting toward the end of June.
·         New HVAC unit will be installed.

Student Locker Room Renovation
·         Locker rooms will be totally demolished and reconstructed consistent with ADA requirements.
·         New lockers installed.
·         New floors and ceilings.
·         New toilets, lavatories, showers and incidentals installed.
·         Bids will be advertised in June, with construction starting later that month.

General Facilities Upgrades (Social Sciences, Business, Engineering Technology, Administration, Humanities, Fine Arts, Theater, Science and Math)
·         Design is in schematic design phase, approaching design development. Bidding for the first project, the Social Sciences Building, will occur in September with construction starting later that month.
o   Each building will have complete restroom renovation to meet requirements of the ADA.
o   Restrooms will have all new fixtures (toilets, sinks, partitions, etc.)
o   New tile walls.
o   New flooring (continuous pour epoxy flooring – no tile)
·         Building Interiors
o   New LED lighting in hallways and classrooms
o   New flooring and ceilings in classrooms, entries and hallways.
o   New paint in classrooms, hallways and entries.
o   New exterior door installation.

HES Building
·         New MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) and HVAC system
·         Currently in schematic design, expecting final design later this fall.
·         Bidding and construction currently scheduled for 2015.

Student Center Lounge Upgrade
·         Design not started

15th Street Sign Upgrade
·         Design not started.

IT Upgrade
·         VOIP system has been purchased and will be installed this summer.
Backup generator for data center
·         Fiberoptic enhancement.
·         Wireless enhancement.

·         Complete building renovation and expansion, currently in programming phase and approaching schematic design phase
·         New IT network.
·         New HVAC system installation.
·         New flooring, ceiling, lighting, and finishes.
·         Complete restroom renovation consistent with the requirements of the ADA.
·         New book collection storage system.
·         Possible café located in the new expansion
·         Anticipated bidding date for first construction packages is spring, 2015.

May 2, 2014: The first project from the 2013 bond issue will start construction on Monday, May 5.  The Aquatics Center Renovation, Phase I, will include a new pool deck, pool basin tile renovation, new wall fascia, new heater and ventilation systems, new lighting, and replacement of pool equipment such as filters, pumps and associated pipes.  This is the first of multiple renovation, reconstruction and upgrade projects that will be initiated over the next eighteen to twenty four months.  The aquatics center, including student and faculty locker rooms, will be closed during this renovation.  The Wellness Center will remain open and fully operational. 

During this project you may observe construction contractor employees accessing the aquatics area. Contractor employees can be easily identified by the bright fluorescent vests that they will be required to wear any time they are on campus. And while their activities will be primarily limited to aquatics center, they will utilize a staging / parking area in the parking lot northwest of the Wellness Center building.  Faculty and staff should not park in that staging area, which is clearly identified by concrete parking barriers.  In addition, and for obvious safety and liability concerns, access to the pool area will be limited to contractor employees until the project is complete.

Renovations to the Aquatic Center are set to begin on Monday, May 5. Click here to read more about the upgrades.  

College To Discuss First Bond Project. Find out about the plans for the upcoming renovation to the Aquatics Center.


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