Research Tips

Research Tips

Cite What You Have Found (MLA 2014 Style Sheet; APA 2014 Style Sheet)

Develop Your Research Topic

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias, etc.

Guide to Library Research

How to Find Books

How to Find Magazine/Journal Articles

  • Different Types of Periodicals: Journals, Magazines, Peer-reviewed, Primary, Secondary...

  • Peer Review in Five Minutes from North Carolina State University Libraries

  • Distinguishing Scholarly Journals from Other Periodicals

How to Outline a Research Paper

Evaluate What You Have Found



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Library Research Guides - Guide to Library Research

Seven Steps to Effective Library Research from Cornell University's Library Guides.

RSC's Online Tutorials

Using Wikipedia

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Web Tools

Print Friendly and PDF-Print Friendly and PDF allows the user to copy and paste a URL or use the browser bookmarklet to transform a web page into a printable page. It gets rid of useless pictures, ads, and blank pages. Simply click on unnecessary page elements to delete them from the printed copy and create a clean customized document.

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