Revising Your Paper

Revising Your Paper 

Use the following checklist for revision:


..Does the paper fulfill your purpose in writing?

..Is the purpose consistent throughout the paper?

Thesis Statement

..Is the thesis statement clear and focused?

..Does the paper stray from the thesis?

..Do all the major points in the paper support the thesis statement?


..What are the main points of the paper?

..Does each point effectively support the thesis statement?

..Are the paragraphs organized in the most effective, logical way?


..Is each paragraph supported with details, examples, or other relevant evidence?

..Is any of the information unnecessary?

..Is any of the information skimpy or confusing?


..What is the tone of the paper?

..Is it appropriate for the purpose in writing and the audience?

..Is it consistent throughout the essay?


..What does each sentence and paragraph contribute to the thesis of the paper?


..Does the paper flow smoothly from one sentence to the next and one paragraph to the next?

..Can transitions be added or improved?


..Is the title descriptive?

..Does it announce the topic clearly and briefly?

..Does it avoid restating the assignment or thesis statement?


..Does the introduction focus the readers' attention?

..Does it help the readers make the transition to the body of the paper?


..Does the conclusion provide the readers with a sense of completion?


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