Women's Leadership Conference Schedule

8th Annual Women’s Conference

Friday, March 28, 2014

Location: RSC Professional Training and Education Center  

Promoting Mental Strength: Building healthy women one mind at a time

*NOTE We have reached capacity and registration for the conference is closed.  


  • 8:00 Check in; visit the exhibitors
  • 9:00 Welcome; Reading of proclamation
  • 9:15 Opening Speaker, Nancy Reno,“The Power of Negative”
  • 10:00 Break, visit the exhibitors
  • 10:20 Breakout Conferences
  1.  Maggie Darcey, “Healthy Brain, Healthy Mind”
  2.  Rae Wilson, “In Case of Emergency, Secure Your Own Oxygen Mask Before Helping Others”
  3.  Tara Hall and Lisa DiDonato “Welcome to the Danger Zone: Women & Success”
  4.  Sherry Alexander, "When enough is enough: Drawing a Line in the Sand." 
  • 11:00 Break, Visit the Exhibitors
  • 11:20 Breakout Conferences (Repeat)
  • 12:00 Box Lunch Pick –up and last opportunity to visit the exhibitors
  • 12:30 Lunch Speaker “Power of the Positive”, Nancy Reno
  • 1:00 Commissioner Terri White, “Caring for Oklahomans: Mental Illness and Addiction”
  • 1:40 Wrap-up/Door Prizes

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