Security Services

Campus Law Enforcement Authority and Jurisdiction

Security for Rose State Campus students, faculty, staff and visitors is provided by contract security forces and Midwest City Law Enforcement Officers. Each organization is responsible for specific areas of campus security, and the organizations cooperate fully ensure College participants enjoy a safe and secure campus environment.

Contract Security Officers

Campus contract security officers are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are responsible for ensuring the daily security of campus facilities and grounds. Contract security officers are fully CLEET certified, and provide parking and traffic control, building access, 24/7 monitoring of the campus closed circuit security camera system, and special security requests, such as security escort. Contract security officers do not have law enforcement authority, nor do they provide investigation of criminal activity on campus.

Midwest City Police Officers

Rose State College employs Midwest City Police Department (MWCPD) officers in part-time status to provide full law enforcement service on campus. MWCPD officers have full law enforcement authority as authorized by the State of Oklahoma, and have authority to conduct investigations into criminal activity and egregious violations of college policy involving students, staff or faculty. Their jurisdiction includes all property owned or controlled by the College, as well as streets adjacent to and running through the College campus.

Interagency and Interlocal Coordination

Rose State College cooperates fully with the Midwest City Police Department, the Oklahoma County Sherriff’s Department, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, and other state and federal law enforcement agencies. These agencies routinely exchange crime-related reports and statistics and conduct cooperative patrols, special events, investigations, and special unit operations.

Security and Access to Campus Facilities

Most campus buildings and facilities are accessible to members of the campus community, guests, and visitors during normal hours of business – Monday through Friday - and for limited designated hours on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. Facilities are maintained, and their security monitored, in the interest of campus security. Many cultural and athletic events held in College facilities, such as the Professional Training and Education Center and the Communications Center, are open to the public. Other facilities such as the Rose State Bookstore, Learning Resource Center, and cafeterias also provide services to the public.

Access to academic and administrative facilities on campus generally is limited to students, employees, and visitors for the purpose of studying, working, teaching, and conducting other College business. However, the academic buildings are open and accessible during normal business hours and often into the evening hours for classes and meetings and as such, visitors can gain access during those hours. Each academic building has established its hours based on the needs of specific academic departments.

Maintenance of Campus Facilities

Facilities and landscaping are maintained in a manner that minimizes hazardous conditions. Contract security staff and Midwest City Police officers regularly patrol the campus and report malfunctioning lights and other unsafe physical conditions to the Operations Department for correction. Other members of the College community are encouraged to report equipment problems to the Security Office or to the Operations Department.

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