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Aquatic, Land Fitness, and Wellness Center enrollments will now take place in the Wellness Center Lobby beginning May 4, for summer registration. Check out  to view the Wellness/Aquatics Schedule, which will be released later this April.

If you have questions about the transition, please contact Taylor Crosser via email at LCROSSER@ROSE.EDU


This prep course provides students with the opportunity to practice taking a standardized test. The workshop covers a different area of the ACT™ exam each night and focuses on strategies, tactics, and timing relevant to that section of the test. The workshop also will give students time to focus on the accuracy of their answers and will provide them with online resources.

Tues /Thurs April 14 & 16
Staff 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
CLC 112 #3830 $49



This one-day workshop includes sessions covering each subject area of the ACT™ and is designed to give students more confidence when taking the ACT™ Instructors will focus specifically on test-taking strategies relevant to each subject area and will use example questions from ACT™ practice exams to
demonstrate the application of strategies. Shortened practice exams will be used to work on timing. Full-length practice tests and other preparatory materials will be sent home with the student for further practice during the week.

Saturday, April 11
Staff 9 a.m. – noon
CLC 112 #3833/3834E $19

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