Social Sciences

Do you love interacting with people?  Are you fascinated by history, love a good political debate, or see yourself in front of a classroom someday?  Then Rose State College is the perfect place for you!  Our small classes, knowledgeable and caring faculty, and internship opportunities will prepare you well for your chosen career, or the completition of your bachelor's degree, if you so choose.  And while at Rose take advantage of over 30 clubs, intramural sports, and leadership opportunities such as student senate.  Rose State is the place for a well-rounded education!


Criminal Justice

Criminal justice and police science options are provided.  This includes a 2+2 justice program in partnership with the University of Oklahoma and a CLEET partnership program.  Students are provided the opportunity to learn from experienced law enforcement officers, attorneys, and CSI officers.


The goal of the pre-education degree is to prepare students with proficiencies necessary to transfer to a bachelor's program in elementary education, early childhood education, or special education.  The secondary education degree will similarly prepare you for a career teaching grades 7 through 12.

Family Services and Child Development

student working with school children

Here you can prepare to work as a praprofessional in the family and child care field, or to transfer on to a four-year institution.  Licensing requirements, current health, safety, and nutrition issues and appropriate curricula for children are covered.  You will also study family systems and strategies for dealing with people in child care settings.

Health and Sports Sciences

Students in this program typically also complete a bachelor's degree and move into careers in fitness, corporate wellness, teaching, and as personal trainers.  Topics covered include the impact of nutrition, care and prevention of athletic injuries, anatomy, and physiology.  The personal training program prepares students to take the Certified Personal Trainer exam.  Everyone can take advantage of our state-of-the-art Wellness Center.


By studying history you'll develop an understanding and appreciation of the impact of the past on the present.  Study everything from ancient civilizations to U.S. and African American history.  Our professors provide an atmosphere that encourages students to think critically and to analyze problems.

Political Science

Students can prepare for careers in law, public administration, management, and many other exciting fields.  You'll learn about political systems at the local, state, national, and even international levels, and have the opportunity to hear political leaders speak on campus.  Some of our faculty even serve as elected officials.


Studies will focus on the science of dynamic interrelationships between behavior, brain, and environment.  You'll study theory, research findings, and practical applications that will address parenting, interpersonal relations, problem solving, and stress management.  Psychology also prepares students to perform more effectively in fields such as nursing, business, and education.

Social Sciences

professor and student with globe

This program provides a broad introduction to topics such as psychology, sociology, economics, history, and political science and how they are interrelated.  A counseling/social work option is also available and is great preparation for entering one of the helping professions.


Students gain an understanding that social issues matter and that our lives are affected not only by our individual characteristics but also by our place in the social world.  Studies include practical matters such as crime, family, and a host of social issues.  You'll develop critical thinking skills necessary to understand our world. 


Hear what students, alumni, and faculty have to say.

"It wasn't easy making a career move from a high paying job in the construction business to go to college for the first time at age 40.  I had always had a dream of going to college and someday teaching history.  Rose State not only accepted me as a student, they set rigorous academic standards, had smaller classes, dedicated faculty, and was affordable.  It was the clear choice for me to start my teaching career a few years later.  Rose State College gave me a good foundation, and great opportunity."
Dr. Michael Lovegrove
A.A. History, Rose State College, B.A., M.A., PH.D., University of Oklahoma
Professor, History, Rose State College

"At Rose State College you feel at home the moment you first step on campus.  The Rose State community cares for you.  You aren't a number; you're part of the family here.  At Rose State, I'm able to pursue my own path of life-long learning.  As a political science professor, that means not only knowing and teaching what is in the textbook, but practicing it in my community.  Through service learning and my own experience as a city councilman, I hope I can light a fire under my students to participate themselves."
Dr. John Wood
Professor, Political Science
City Councilman, Gurthrie, OK

"Rose State has been perfect for me as an adult returning to school after 20 years.  The faculty and staff have been outstanding.  I look forward to coming to school everyday."
Kathy Bailey
History Major

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