Student Activities

Student Activities 

Rose State College provides both high Academic and Extracurricular/Leadership Development Activities to ensure a well-rounded student. Establishing contacts within the institution and working with students with similar goals will allow you the opportunity to be part of planning activities for the college and community. Student leaders have the opportunity to meet several community speakers and be a part of other special events sponsored by the clubs, Student Senate, and Rose State College. Whether establishing a résumé for your professional career or simply seeking a little out-of-classroom stress relief, you are guaranteed an enriched education through your involvement in Student Activities. The college experience is also the beginning of many lifelong friendships with fellow students and faculty/staff.

Events and Activities

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Student Life Banquet
Raider Day Spa

Club of the Year

Want your club to be the next Club of the Year? By participating in events and conducting meetings, clubs can earn points toward the title, awarded at the end of the year. Details are below!

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Points should now be submitted using the online form below. Good Luck!

Club of the Year Points

Student Activity Transcript

The Student Activities Transcript is a chronological profile of a student’s involvement in Rose State College extracurricular activities. The collegiate experience includes both in-class (curricular/ academic) and out-of-class (extracurricular) experiences. The Student Activities Transcript provides college documentation of a student’s extracurricular experiences at Rose State College, which is obtainable at the Student Activities Office, located in the Student Center.

The Student Activities Transcripts allow students to include as part of their recognition:

  • student organizations of which they are a member
  • student activities in which they have participated
  • leadership roles they have achieved
  • varsity athletics in which they have participated
  • academic honors they have received

The Student Activities Transcript is a voluntary program in which students can elect to participate. It is the responsibility of the student to update records for all Student Club Membership and Professional & Educational Experiences/Awards. Scholarship Information and Varsity Athletics are automatically entered onto the Transcript. All applications will be reviewed and certified by the Director, Student Activities. Student Activity Transcript information must be submitted and/or updated for all Rose State College Activities within one year of completing the project/ membership.

Student Activities Transcript / Professional & Educational Experience Awards
Student Activities Transcript / Club Entry





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