Student Network Logon

Student Network Logon

Instructions for Logging Into the Rose State College Campus Network and Changing Your Network Password

(For Student Use Only)

To Log Into the Campus Network

NOTE:  You must wait at least 24 hours after you enroll before attempting to set your permanent password.

1. After the computer is on, the Enter Network Password dialog box (Figure 1) will display. Enter your Username (see following NOTE) in the first text box, replacing any other name that appears in the space.

NOTE: Your network username will be in the following format - the first initial of your first name, the first initial of your last name, and the seven digits of your student ID number for a total of nine characters. For example, the username for Michael Smith with a student ID number of 0034567 would be ms0034567.


2. Press the Tab key to move to the Password box. Enter your password in the Password box. A series of asterisks (****) will display as you type in your password. (The default password for a student is the student's birth date, in the format of MMDDYYYY.)
NOTE: The password is upper-case/lower-case sensitive. Enter your new password in lower-case letters.

3. Press the Tab key to move to the Domain box. Ensure that the text reads “RSC” (upper- or lower-case is OK in this box) and change the text, if necessary.

4. Click the OK button to complete your login. You can use your password indefinitely or until your student account is deleted after the end of the active semester.


To Change Your Network Password

If you want to change your network password, you must first be logged into Windows using your network logon.

1. Simultaneously press the CTRL ALT and DELETE keys and you will see a dialog box with six button options appear. (See Figure 2.)

2. Click on the “Change Password” button and you will be prompted to enter your current password, as well as, entering the new password twice for verification of accuracy. (See Figure 3.)

NOTE: The following rules apply for entering your new password:
a. Your new password must be at least six characters long
b. Your new password cannot exceed 12 characters in length
c. Your new password can be a combination of letters and numbers
d. Your password is case-sensitive. If you enter your new password in lower case letters, it must always be entered in lower case letters. For example, if a user set their password as today234, whenever they log into the network, they must always enter their password as today234. If they attempt to enter their password as TODAY234, an error message will display and they will not be able to gain access to the network.
3. Once you have confirmed your new password, click on the OK button to complete your network logon.
NOTE: You might want to write down your username and password and keep it in a secure place. Additionally, don’t give your network password to anyone else to use.

4. If you experience problems changing your password or logging in to the network, seek assistance from your professor or the lab assistant.


General Information About Your Network Logon

A. After three unsuccessful attempts to log in to the network, you will be “locked out” for two minutes. Wait at least two minutes before attempting to log in again.

B. Always log off from the network when you are done using programs running from the network. To log off of the network, perform the following:

(1) Click on the START button at the lower-left of the screen.
(2) Select the Shut Down option.
(3) Select the Log Off option.
(4) Click on the Yes button option to complete the log off process.

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