Summary of Tools


The Blog tool is your personal editorial page. You may write about anything you wish as long as it is in good taste. You may make your entries public or keep them private. Through this tool, you may also view others' blogs if they have been made public.


The Calendar tool allows you to view course events set by your instructors and college events set by the D2L administrators. You may also create your own personal events on your calendar.


The Classlist provides a way to view the names of all the participants in a class and a way to contact them through e-mail, pager, blog, etc.


The Content tool is a page containing links to all course materials. These might include a syllabus, lecture presentations, class notes, handouts, discussions, quizzes, etc. Note that the pages to which these links lead may also be accessible from the navigation bar or elsewhere.

Course Home

Each course offering has a distinct Course Home page containing course updates, upcoming events, and course news. Visit this page frequently so you don't miss important announcements. The tools and pages at the course offering level are maintained by the individual instructor. If you have questions about these pages, please direct them to your professor.


The Discussions tool allows participants in a class to actively discuss course content online. Because this is one of the most important tools for engagement with the instructor and other students, it must be checked frequently.


The Dropbox tool allows students to turn in work electronically. Files are first saved on a student's computer or to the locker. Then, they are uploaded and submitted to a Dropbox folder. In most cases, they must be submitted by a deadline specified in the Dropbox folder and Calendar. Some instructors use Turnitin to check submission originality and Gradmark to provide meaningful feedback on submissions.


The E-mail tool is used to privately correspond with your professor or individual classmates. D2L E-mail is a closed system so no mail can be sent to nor received from accounts residing outside the D2L server. This restriction applies even to other Rose e-mail addresses.


The Grades tool allows you to see all of your course grades in one location. You may, also, view grades on individual assignments through the tool in which you submitted your work.


The Journal tool is your personal electronic notebook for reflections, creative writing, to-do lists, class notes, etc. You cannot share journal entries with others.


The Locker tool is an electronic storage location (limited to 10 MB of space) to which you may upload and retrieve files through your D2L account. You may submit files into the Dropbox directly from your locker.


You may use the Logout link in the navigation bar if you wish an extra measure of security when ending your D2L session. In most circumstances, it is enough to simply close your browser.

My Courses

The My Courses widget appears on your My Home page and provides direct access to all of the course offerings in which you are enrolled. Courses are arranged by semester with the current semester at the top. If you are assigned different roles among the courses to which you have access, you will see role tabs at the top of your My Courses widget. Click a tab to view courses under which you have that assigned role.

My Home

The My Home page is the first page you see after you login to D2L. Many of the same tools are available at this entry point as those in your individual course offerings. The tools and pages at the My Home level are maintained by the Distance Learning staff and not by individual instructors. If you have questions about these pages, please direct them to the Rose D2L Helpdesk.

My Settings

The My Settings widget on the My Home page provides access to manage system preferences, change your password, and update your profile including the picture displayed to other users.

Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar appears at the top of all D2L pages. It consists of a top row of links which point to what might be considered personal tools. That is, they are independent of an individual course and follow the user no matter in which course the user is actively engaged. The bottom row of links are course tools which are controlled by the instructor of each individual course offering. The course title is displayed between the top row of links and the bottom row. This title will always indicate in which course the user is active.


The Pager is a communication tool that is very similar to texting on a cell phone. Users may send pager messages to others in the system through the Classlist or through names stored in the pager contact list. The pager icon in the Navigation Bar flashes an indication when a pager message is received.


The Quizzes tool allows students to take quizzes and tests online for those courses in which the professor has made them available. Some instructors do not make testing available online. Some require students to access the Quizzes tool in a proctored environment. Some instructors require that a special browser, called the Respondus Lockdown Browser, be used to take an online quiz. Students should consult the course syllabus to determine specific quiz and test policies.

Rose D2L Help

The Rose D2L Help link in the Navigation Bar provides direct access, from all D2L pages, to online support resources. These include tool descriptions and tutorials, free downloads, Helpdesk contact, and more.


The Self-Registration tool, available at the My Home level, allows users to register for access to course offerings. Mainly, these course offerings are clubs or organizations on campus which desire an online community space. Usually, once you sign up for a course, your request must be approved by the course facilitator or club sponsor. If you haven't received approval after an appropriate time, please contact the person in charge of the course.


The Surveys tool provides a means for users to respond to questionnaires developed by course instructors or college officials.

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