System Announcements

D2L Server Unavailability

Onenet, the hosting provider for our D2L server, has been experiencing network issues as of approximately 2:35 PM on Tuesday, November 12th causing the D2L site to be unavailable. We do not have an estimate on when the D2L site will be available again. You might check to see if the site is available later Tuesday evening. Contact your instructor as soon as possible about activities that have been delayed because of this outage. Do what you can while the site is unavailable. We know this is frustrating, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

D2L Send-Only Email Change

Beginning August 5th at 8 AM, all email composed in D2L will be routed to official college email accounts. Students enrolled in classes whose term ends after August 5th should make sure they can access their Rose student email accounts before that date to prepare for this change.


This change will take place on August 5, 2013 at 8 AM so the fall courses (interim and all others) will be the first to experience new format.

What the change means

  • Sending email in D2L, through the Classlist or any other place where an email may be composed, will remain the same.
  • Receiving and replying to email will take place in college email accounts as do all other official college communications.
  • Faculty and students will need to check campus email accounts regularly for new mail. D2L will no longer flag the presence of new email messages.
  • Only messages stored in the D2L Sent Items folder will be available after the switch to send-only email. All other email messages in D2L will be removed from the system.

Tips and Suggestions

  • If you wish to preserve messages currently in D2L, either print them, save them digitally on your computer, or move them into the D2L Sent Items folder prior to the switch.
  • For information about your Rose student email login, click the Student Login link at the bottom of our college webpages.
  • If you anticipate checking course-related email in a work environment where you cannot access external email systems because of network restrictions, you may wish to forward your Rose student email to your work email address. Our student email system allows forwarding through advanced settings once you are logged into your email account.

Nightly System Re-indexing Period

The D2L system undergoes a nightly re-indexing procedure to maintain peak performance. This procedure takes place between 3 AM and 4 AM each day. During this time, the system may not respond as quickly as normal. It is advisable to take quizzes and conduct other activities outside this time period. 

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