TAFB Non Credit Communications Courses

TRC001 - Basic Communication - 40 clock hours
The course is designed to provide intensive concentration on the principles of spelling, punctuation, capitalization, word forms, sentence structure, and proofreading, particularly as they apply to the Tinker workplace. Course objectives include preparing students to write effective memoranda, reports, and various types of letters, and persuasive requests. Emphasis is also given to improving oral communication skills, listening skills, and nonverbal communication skills. Strunk Elements of Style and AFH 33-337, Tongue & Quill, are used as resources in the course.
TRC002 - Advanced Communications – 16 clock hours

This workshop is an advanced overview of business communications, designed to reinforce the knowledge of participants with written communication techniques that can be applied at the Tinker workplace. Participants will practice and improve written communication skills by preparing business memorandums, e-mail communications, and computer documents on topics pertinent to the scope of their assigned position at the workplace. Strunk Elements of Style and AFH 33-337, Tongue & Quill, are used as resources in the course.
TRC003 - Briefing 101 – 16 clock hours

This hands-on seminar will include a review of presentation-related communication skills. It will provide participants with communication techniques and tools typically needed to develop and provide an Air Force briefing. Participants will practice and improve oral communications skills by preparing a basic briefing on a topic within the scope of their position on base. Tinker Air Force Base communication protocols will govern the course.
TRC004 - Capstone – 8 clock hours

This workshop is designed to provide participants an opportunity to integrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the Communication Component. A critical capstone session that draws on course work from the Basic, Advanced, and Briefing 101 communication sessions, the workshop includes role plays and participative models and utilizes the participants’ critical thinking skills to meet and resolve real-life workplace communication requirements.
TRC005 - Personalities – 8 clock hours

This workshop examines the relationship between the organization, its effectiveness, and the characteristics of its team members. Each participant will participate in a hands-on exercise to determine his/her personality traits. Then, the facilitator leads the group in an exciting discussion on understanding their individual behavior styles and how different personality traits impact the team’s leadership and supervisory styles.
TRC006 - Teamwork Tools – 4 clock hours

This briefing is designed to acquaint participants with the concepts and practices involved in developing and managing teams at the workplace. The session will provide the tools and techniques to understand and manage the attributes of effective teams; to foster a culture of trust and respect, and to determine the quality and level of communication necessary for team success.
TRC007 - Corporate Culture – up to 4 clock hours

The session will investigate the vision, mission, and values of the organizations of the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center in their extraordinary effort to support the warfighter. The Corporate Culture session will include a briefing from at least one key OC-ALC leader.
TRC008 - English Refresher – 40 clock hours

Designed to provide instruction to individuals who use English as a second language, the course includes a comprehensive review of English skills and capabilities. With a focus to improve listening, reading and writing proficiencies; the class examines grammar topics, reviews parts of speech, and helps participants identify and practice language techniques to improve clarity of expression in writing and comprehension in reading. Additionally, the course refreshes skills in speaking and listening comprehension.
TRC009 - Time Management Tools – 4 clock hour
This briefing provides an overview of effective time management techniques. Participants will learn to identify time wasters and apply key management principles to gain better control over the use of time.
TRC010 - Evaluation Tools – 6 clock hours

The self evaluation briefing will examine the Air Force performance appraisal process. The discussion will include an overview of the tools and techniques needed to develop and prepare a viable self assessment.
TRC011 - Professional Skills – 8 clock hours
This workshop is designed to explore the various professional skills and techniques needed to succeed in a military-driven management complex. The workshop will include an examination of key critical professional traits including: business ethics, individual responsibility and work ethic, risk taking, alternate dispute resolution, continual improvement, and protocol and social responsibilities.
TRC012 – WorkKeys Business Communication Assessment – 2 clock hours

A written computer-based assessment that measures the participants business communication skills. The assessment, which is held in the Training Center’s computer lab, must be scheduled in advance by contacting the Center Registrar at 405.733.7488.  (The Compass communication test is a suitable substitute for the WorkKeys assessment.)
TRC013 -- Dealing with Difficult People -- 8 hours
Workshops on dealing with difficult people have been around for over 30 years. Most of those workshops are great at identifying types of difficult people and suggesting strategies for improving the situation; however, few actually have participants practice applying those methods through simulation and role play. This workshop requires participants to role play effective methods for dealing with difficult people.
TRC014 -- Project Management w/MS Project - 32-40 hour
Project Management provides information about organizational skills, team management, project bids, the four types of project tasks, and the project life cycle. Project Management will facilitate the student’s understanding of both client and contractor goals in various industries. A business project outline and specifications will be completed. Course includes 2 day MS Project 2007 training component.

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