Technology Degree Requirements

Technology Associate in Applied Science

Program Requirements                                                                                                        34       

Must earn “C” or better in each course for graduation

18 credit hour minimum selected from this list:

 ENGT             1214                Introduction to Mechanisms

 ENGT             1224                Mechanisms

ENGT             1304                Introduction to Electronics

ENGT             1314                Fundamentals of Electricity

ENGT             1324                Circuit Analysis

ENGT             1333                Electronic Devices andAmplifiers

ENGT             1343                Intro to Digital Electronics

ENGT             1813                Programming for EngineeringTechnology

ENGT             1833                Introduction to QualityAssurance

ENGT             1842                Dimensional Metrology

ENGT             2123                Electromechanical Devices and Controls

ENGT             2214                Manufacturing Design

ENGT             2224                Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing

ENGT             2823                Non-destructive Testing           

Math – 6 credit hours

MATH                        1513                College Algebra

MATH                        1613                Trigonometry           

Chemistry – 5 credit hours

CHEM                        1135                General Chemistry I

Physics – 5 credit hours

PHYS              2114                General Physics I

PHYS              2401                General Physics I Lab

Support and Related Requirements                                                                                    3

LFSC              ------                 1000 level course or higherwith a LFSC prefix (3 hrs)

General Education Requirements                                                                                       34*

ENGL             1113                English Composition I

ENGL             1213                English Composition II+

HIST               1483                U.S. History to 1877 or

HIST              1493                U.S. History since 1877

POLS             1113                American Federal Government

Life Science                            (Requirementsmet by program)

Physical Science                      (Requirementsmet by program)

Mathematics                           (Requirementsmet by program)

HPER             ____                May be activity or other HPER courses (2 hrs)

HU                                          Humanities (See page 41 of catalog for complete list) (6 hrs) 

Liberal Arts Elective

At least one course from the following areas:

Psychology, Social Sciences, Economics, Foreign Languages, Fine Arts(Art, Music, Theatre) (3 hrs)

Minimum Total Credit Hours         63



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