Vampires are for Nerds


Rose State College’s vice president for Information Technology, John Primo, describes himself as “head of the Nerd Herd” at the college’s IT department. From there, he says, it’s a short trip to writing about vampires.

“In August (2012) I was awarded my 25-year ring so I’ve been at the college for about 25 years which is just about over half my life. I came here in June of 1987,” Primo said. “I think most writers do write something they know. A good creative writer…can empathize with what a condition or circumstance is being written about and can write it in a totally believable manner that’s plausible, realistic, and, frankly, compelling.”


 Self-admitted Rose State College computer “nerd” decided to quit daydreaming about writing books and just go do it. His side-gig has grown by five books. His latest book, "Gwen Reaper," is a paranormal young adult novel.

Writing under the moniker “Jaz Primo,” his newest book is in the genre of “Urban Fantasy,” a line of fiction that traces its roots to James Thurber’s “Unicorn in the Garden.” Urban fantasy is about a fantastic, magical element thrust into the normal world, and the consequences that follow. Primo’s new book, “Bringer of Fire,” is about a former Army Special Forces soldier in whom powerful psychic forces emerge that end up bringing the world to the brink of, as Primo puts it, “Evolution or Revolution.” Primo says this is the beginning of a new series; his second.

His first series, the “Sunrise Vampire Series,” follows the fated love between a human man and his dark guardian angel, a female vampire. The series has sold well into three books: Book 1, “Sunrise at Sunset;” Book 2, “A Bloody London Sunset;” and Book 3; “Summit at Sunset.” Additional novels in the series are forthcoming.

John "Jaz" Primo

“Sunrise at Sunset occurred to me a number of years ago,” Primo said. “The characters presented themselves to me not long before I had the cohesive storyline in my mind. It was a very compelling thing to create a vampire character and I’ve always been interested in vampires. It was only when the characters pretty much spontaneously generated themselves in my mind that I realized I had a story that needed to be written.”

He said he has a fourth book in the pipeline for the “Sunset Vampire” series. In addition, he wrote one volume of what is known as a “Paranormal,” Young Adult novel, a book titled “Gwen Reaper” about a youth who falls in love with a mysterious 17-year-old girl with a lethal, mythical family heritage. Primo says his characters, however vivid, just showed up one day on his page and he started writing them.

“They conduct themselves in my imagination like you and I in our daily lives,” Primo said. “I’ll be doing something fairly routine around the house, then suddenly one of my characters starts going through an experience or I see them doing or saying something that helps to evolve the continuing storyline of these characters. They very much do have a life of their own so I take cues from what I see them do and let them guide me through the story that they’re telling."

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