Video Streaming

Video Streaming is currently available through two services provided by the Learning Resources Center.

Students need to have logged into the campus network, once each semester, to access these materials from off-campus.

Ambrose Digital Video

Films on Demand from Films for the Humanities and Facts on File - Master College and College/Technical collections are available, providing streaming on a variety of topics in the sciences, humanities, languages, political science, etc. Almost 15,000 videos may be accessed. Full video and segments may be linked.

Human Body: How It Works from Facts on File - This elearning module has a brief article on parts of the body and a video clip explaining each part.

VAST: Academic Video Online - VAST includes thousands of award-winning films from dozens of producers and distributors. Faculty and students will find content in VAST to meet their learning, teaching, and research interest in a wide range of disciplines.

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