Visual Arts Series

Enjoy beautiful art exhibits by students, faculty, staff, senior adults and local and regional artist with showings in the lobby gallery of the Communications Center and art studio display cases. Throughout the year, exhibits will showcase the visual arts as a complement to the performing arts and the art and music curriculum. Paintings, drawings, textiles, sculpture, photography and pottery are displayed.


"Pegasus" is the annual publication of original art, poetry, photography and fiction by Rose State College students, faculty and staff. The 2014 "Pegasus" will debut in the spring during the Rose State College Student Art Show in the lobby of the Performing Arts Theatre/Communications Center. Pegasus is named for the winged horse of Greek myths, which flew to Mount Helicon, and with a blow from his hoof, caused the fountain of Muses to spring forth with artistic inspiration for all of humanity.

Student Art Show

April 2014

Communications Center Lobby

A special reception and unveiling of "Pegasus," the college literary publication, will also be held in the Communications Center Lobby. The event is free of charge, with entertainment and refreshments provided.

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