Women's Leadership Conference

Women's Leadership Conference

Promoting Mental Strength Building Healthy Women One Mind at a Time”
Friday, March 28, 2014 8 a.m.-2 p.m.
RSC Professional Training and Education Center

8 a.m. – 9 a.m. Check-in, Refreshments, Visit the Exhibitors

*NOTE We have reached capacity and registration for the conference is closed.  

Opening Speaker

Nancy Reno, hypnotherapist:
“The Power of Negative“

Conference sessions 

  • Maggie Darcy "Finding Balance in Today's World" /or/ "How to Handle Conflict." 
  • Rae Wilson, " In Case of Emergency, Secure Your Own Oxygen Mask Before Helping Others; A Workshop of Self-Care for the 21st Century Woman." 
  • Tara Hall and Lisa DiDonato, "Welcome to the Danger Zone: Women & Success" 
  • Sherry Alexander, “When Enough is Enough: Drawing a Line in the Sand”
  • Lunch Speaker: Nancy Reno, "Power of the Positive"

Closing Speaker 

Commissioner Terri White
“Caring for Oklahomans:  Mental Illness and Addiction“

Wrap Up

* Door prizes will be given out at this time.

The Power of Negative

We spend much of our time talking to ourselves. But just exactly what are we saying and how does what we say make us feel? Negative self talk is so very powerful that it influences our entire lives from cradle to grave, and all our health in between.

Welcome to the Danger Zone: Women & Success

Why are we afraid of failing? Those reason may be easy to understand. But why are we afraid of doing well, of succeeding? Why are women more afraid than men? In this workshop, we'll discuss these questions and how we might challenge and embrace our fears. So prepare to enter the danger zone and dare yourself to succeed. 

Caring for Oklahomans: Mental Illness and Addiction

In this presentation, Commissioner Terri White will talk about the prevalence of mental illness and addiction in Oklahoma; the mind/body connection; and the costs to society when these diseases of the brain go untreated. She also will discuss tips on maintaining good mental health, and why she chose to follow her "passion" into the field of behavioral health services. 

In case of emergency, Secure Your own Oxygen Mask, Before Helping Others

In this "playshop", participants will learn quick "Stress-bursting" techniques for use in daily life to decrease muscle tension, increase mental acuity, and nurture the participant's spirit. All interventions can be utilized quickly, with minimal expense, in limited physical space.  

When Enough is Enough: Drawing a Line in the Sand 

Healthy boundaries are something many of us didn’t learn about at home. Now we can learn how to say “No” to family, friends and even your boss and do it without anxiety. We will discuss how boundaries are not walls and what to expect from those around you. Do you have someone who is a rock around your neck? A fun interactive look at how we deal with personal dynamics.

And so much more...

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