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Welcome to the Rose State Women’s Studies homepage. Our program is structured to allow students to participate in several different programs offered that revolve around the growing interest in women’s issues. Women’s Studies is firmly entrenched in a sound philosophical foundation that includes women’s history, literature, gender issues, politics, family studies, and sociology and psychology. Beginning with just one Women’s History course in 1999, we now offer many courses including Frontier Women, Women’s Studies, Women’s Literature, and LGBT studies. We developed a Domestic Violence program in conjunction with Student Services to raise awareness on our campus and the surrounding community about the reality of family and domestic abuse. To encourage female education and empowerment, we created the Women’s Leadership Initiative which includes the Women’s Leadership Conference every March. Our program offers a scholarship to a student annually in conjunction with the conference.


Michelle Brockmeier, Professor of History / Director of Women’s Studies
(405) 733-7533

Monique Miles Bruner, Associate Dean, Social Sciences Division
(405) 733-7316

Department Overview

RSC offers an A.A. in Women’s Studies as an option of the Social Sciences degree. This degree option was developed to address a growing need to provide students with the means to create an interdisciplinary program that places an emphasis on women’s issues within their program. Whether studying history, political science, sociology or the many other Social Sciences program, the A.A. in Women’s Studies allows students to combine their interest in women’s issues with their specific interest in the Social Sciences field.


The Women’s Studies program is located in the Social Sciences Division.

Women’s Leadership Initiative:

To keep our students informed of ongoing events, news, programs, scholarship opportunities, we have created an online component located on D2L. Any RSC student is eligible to register for the site by logging on to D2L and following these steps:

1. Log onto D2L (www.rose.edu/dl or https://d2l.rose.edu/)
2. Select “Self Registration” on the menu bar beneath the RSC logo
3. Select “Women’s Leadership” and self enroll
4. Send an email to mbrockmeier@rose.edu or mbruner@rose.edu and ask to have your registration approved.
Once your account activates, you do not need to redo this step every semester. Your participation will stay active as long as you are enrolled at RSC.

Women’s Leadership Scholarship

This academic scholarship is awarded annually to an RSC student who submits the winning presentation. The student receives a full 12 hour tuition waiver per semester for the upcoming academic year. While the subject matter changes each year, the basic guidelines remain the same. Below are the guidelines for the 2014-2015 scholarship proposal. Once the committee decides on the topic for the next academic year, it will be uploaded to D2L under the Women’s Leadership Initiative site.

women's leadership conference

Regent Betty Wright announces Leah Osborne as the winner of the 2012-2013 Women's Leadership scholarship recipient. 

Scholarship recipient is awarded a 12 hour tuition waiver for Fall 2014 AND a 12 hour tuition waiver for Spring 2015
Proposal Topic:
Promoting Mental Strength:  Building healthy women one mind at a time.

  • 1000 word essay AND a 10 slide PowerPoint excluding the title slide
  • Submit a bibliography of sources.
  • ALL submissions will be checked for plagiarism via turnitin.com
  • Please note that ALL submissions will be uploaded to the Women’s Leadership site on d2l and will be available for viewing.
  • Be sure to follow the guidelines provided regarding the topic and specific details.


  • Female students currently enrolled at Rose State College OR are enrolled for Fall 2014
  • Overall GPA of 3.0
  • Legal Resident of Oklahoma
  • U.S. Citizen
  • Must enroll in a minimum of 6 hours for Fall 2014
  • Deadline: March 24, 2014

Guidelines for Presentation:
Promoting  Mental Strength:  Building Healthy Women One Mind at a Time.

1. Your essay and your PowerPoint need to be saved in separate files when they are uploaded. We will not accept submissions that are not saved separately.
2. You must include a bibliography/Works Cited page of all sources used in your submission. Please use MLA or Chicago Manual of Style for your sources.
3. You may use footnotes or end notes in your paper. If you are using MLA style, you must use parenthetical documentation (in-text citations).
4. Your essay must be at least 1000 words, not including bibliography and title page.
5. Your PowerPoint must be at least 10 slides, not including your bibliography or title slide.
6. The theme is “Promoting Mental Strength: Building Healthy Women One Mind at a Time.”   You are to select a topic that pertains to women’s mental and emotional health today. Your topic must revolve around an issue dealing with a mental or emotional health aspect of women's lives and how it affects their quality of life in today's global realm.

  • For example, a sample topic might be "Healthy Minds/ Healthy Bodies: Effect of Mental Health on Women’s Health "; or “The Reality of Female Poverty on Mental Health”; or “Killing her softly: Destroying a woman with verbal abuse” or “Anger:  Secret Killer of Women.”
  • Other topics might include:  effects of body image; programs that help women of color;  the link between emotional and mental health and the cycle of poverty; the lack of mental health care programs for homeless women; the need for gender equity in diagnosing mental illness, PTSD and women veterans; or the tie between postpartum depression and mental and emotional health.
  • These are all just suggestions. You are free to use your imagination to come up with another suitable topic. 

To submit your proposal:

1.  Save your presentation and essay on a flash drive and deliver it to the  Social Science Office,  in the Social Science Building.  You will receive a signed/dated confirmation letter, and your flash drive will be returned while you wait.
2.  Submit it via d2l using the following instructions:

    • Log onto D2L (www.rose.edu/dl or https://d2l.rose.edu/).
    • Select “Self Registration” on the menu bar beneath the RSC logo.
    • Select “Women’s Leadership” and self-enroll.
    • Upload submission in the drop-box listed “2014 Scholarship Submissions”.
  • You will receive an emailed confirmation letter within 1 business day.

Thank you for participating in our scholarship competition. We look forward to reading your submissions!
This scholarship is available on behalf of the RSC Women’s Leadership Conference and the Women’s Studies degree program. 
Please contact Michelle Brockmeier (mbrockmeier@rose.edu)  if you need additional information.

Degree Requirements

The Women’s Studies option, in general, is an associate’s degree that can be completed in four semesters. Students must complete the 12 hours of required courses composed of:

HIST 2133: Women’s History (offered online also)
HIST 2263: Women’s Studies
POLS 2093: Women and Politics
ENGL 2253: Women in American Literature

Students must complete an additional 12 hours of the support requirements. The student may choose from a wide variety of courses to complete the support requirements. Students select classes to allow them to focus their attention on the specific aspect of Social Sciences they choose to emphasize.

Degree requirements (PDF)

What is required of a student?

As a Women’s Studies major, the student needs to be dedicated to the exploration of issues, theories, and scholarship developed that incorporates women’s lives. This includes issues of politics, legislation on the state and national level, economic equity, family and children, health, gender, education, and social stratification. The field of study is very wide and interdisciplinary so a student needs to know where the focus will be so the support and general education requirements are woven into the program. The student must complete all 4 required classes and complete an additional 12 hours from the support requirements. All students are required to complete the general education requirements in order to qualify for graduation. Since our program is small, the student works closely with the professors in the division and is expected to participate in programs sponsored by the Women’s Studies program such as the Leadership Conference in March and the Domestic Violence Program in October.

What happens after graduation?

The Women’s Studies option is meant to serve as a solid foundation for a four year degree. Students can transfer to a university that offers Women’s Studies as a major or a minor. The University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, and the University of Central Oklahoma offer these options.

Students may choose to follow a degree path to their Bachelor’s degree in a different field where Women’s Studies provides a solid foundation including political science, sociology, family and child development, history, and psychology.

What can you DO with this degree?

The Women’s Studies option in Social Sciences prepares students to develop a deeper understanding of the issues faced by women today. It serves as a liberal arts foundation upon which to complete a traditional four year college degree. A degree in Women’s Studies major can help fuel interest in careers specifically geared to women such as working in the women’s centers, rape crisis facilities, battered women’s shelters. This degree can also provide a foundation in careers such as social worker, police officer, educator, day care worker, health professionals and many other fields that deal with women and families on a regular basis.

Why choose RSC for your Women’s Studies Program?

RSC offers a unique program specifically developed for the community college student. Our program offers a personalized, interdisciplinary program. You may tailor it to your specific discipline within the Social Sciences division, including history, political science, sociology, criminal justice, and family and child development. Our classes are small and are taught by very dedicated professors. The professors who teach the core and support courses are also key faculty members in the Women’s Leadership Program and on the Domestic Violence Committee. Almost all the required and support classes are taught on campus and online.
Our program, added in 2011, is only one of a handful of Women’s Studies programs at the community college level across the country. Some community colleges offer a certificate in Women’s Studies but we are one of the very few that offer students the opportunity to earn an A.A. in Women’s Studies. By incorporating the Women’s Leadership Initiative and the Domestic Violence program, students are able to participate on a very real level in activities that work to empower and educate women. We encourage our students to volunteer or serve in many campus, local, and state activities to promote issues important to women in Oklahoma. Soon RSC will be adding an American Indian Studies program. We hope they will play an important role on our campus and in our program.


The new Women's Studies Program at Rose State College will be an excellent addition to the school. As a former student of RSC, I took the opportunity to enroll in classes based on women in history and women's role in shaping the laws concerning women's rights. One of my favorite classes was Women's History. My professor Michelle Brockmeier conveyed a passion for the subject matter, which allowed her enthusiasm to become contagious. The class took a look back into history and brought to life the hardships women faced, and allowed the students to envision a life in the shoes of women who came before us. Once my interest in Women's Studies became initiated, I began to take more classes regarding women's role in society. The Frontier Women's class taught by Professor Cuskey gave a look into the lives of women on the frontier. Stories collected from these women provide a glimpse of the lonely world these women encountered while forging their way across America. My Women's Studies class focused on the feminist movement and the role women have played in shaping our judicial system. These classes and the professors who taught the courses, helped me realize how fragile the rights of women are. We cannot take our freedom for granted. Women in the past have fought hard battles to ensure certain freedoms for the coming generations, but the war against women is far from over. Rose State College has contributed a wonderful source of knowledge to its students by providing a Women's Studies Program.

Genevee Suba, Rose State College graduate

The Women's Studies classes at Rose State were amazing. After taking them, I decided to pursue the major at the University of Oklahoma. They really helped me develop the critical thinking skills I am now using in graduate school!

Keely Adams, BA Women and Gender Studies, MSW student 

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