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2022 -2023 Fall and Spring Student Housing application – Apply Now!

Residence Life


The Village @ Rose State would like to welcome and invite you to live in our premier apartment style residential Student Housing complex. We are glad that you have chosen on-campus housing at Rose State College.

Housing applications at the Village @ Rose State are on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage anyone interested in living on campus to complete their application as soon as it opens to secure their room.

We will begin accepting applications for new residents in early April. The Housing Application will be available on the Housing website under “Applications”. You must apply online. There is a $30 non-refundable application fee that must also be submitted to the RSC Cashiers office before your application is reviewed. 

APPLY HERE: The Village @ Rose State 2022-2023 Student Hosing

The Village @ Rose State 2022-2023 Housing Application

Application Timeline:

New Residents

  • New resident’s application are available, online during the first week of April. Housing availability is on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Notification process for Fall residents will begin the second week of June.
  • Room assignment information will be sent to your Rose State email address in mid-July.
  • Move-in paperwork will be sent to students in late July and all paperwork must be completed before move-in.
  • Instructions, date and time for move-in day will be sent to your Rose State email address in early August.
  • Move-in will begin one week before the Fall semester starts. 

Current Residents

  • Housing Contracts will be sent to your Rose State email in late March. This is an opportunity for all current residents to secure their spot for the upcoming year.
  • Current on-campus residents who plan to live on campus for the new academic year must complete the new contract process, which consists of room retention and room selection options.
  • Current students will have one - two weeks to complete their contract. If they do not complete their contract by the first week of April, they will not be guaranteed a spot for the new academic year.
  • Room assignment information will be sent to your Rose State email address in mid-July.
  • Move-in paperwork will be sent to students in late July and all paperwork must be completed before move-in.
  • Instructions, date and time for move-in day will be sent to your Rose State email address in Early August.
  • Move-in will begin during the week of August 15th. 

Application Instructions:

Students admitted to Rose State College and seeking residence in The Village at Rose State must complete this application, including the $30.00 non-refundable application fee, and submit your application to Residence Life. Please only apply once.

In order to help us process applications quickly and efficiently, please fill out the application in its entirety and do not leave any spaces blank or incomplete. This includes RSC student ID number, RSC Raider email, Social Security number, and contact information. If any spaces are left incomplete or not filled out properly, your application will not be reviewed and processed.

Application Fee: Once you have submitted your online application, you must pay your $30.00 non-refundable application fee. Please make checks payable to Rose State College. OR pay by card over the phone at (405) 733-7303. Mailing Address for application fee: 6420 SE 15th Street Student Services Building, Room 209 Midwest City, OK 73110 Midwest City, OK 73110

The Village @ Rose State is open to any currently enrolled Rose State College student. We require residents to be enrolled in at least 9 credit hours, but preference will be given to full-time students enrolled in 12 or more credit hours, as defined by Federal Financial Aid. Please make sure you are enrolled for the semester you are wishing to move in. If you are wanting to move in for Summer, please make sure you are enrolled in at least 3 credit hours. If you are moving in for Fall or Spring, please make sure you are enrolled in 9- 12 credit hours, but taking into account that students enrolled full-time have preference for living on-campus.

After your application is reviewed and approved, you will receive an email at the email address you provided on your application letting you know you are approved and the next steps you need to take. Please make sure to provide our office with a valid email address and also check your email regularly. Please allow up to 8 weeks for your application to be approved. If it has been longer than 8 weeks, please contact us at (405) 733-7490 or email at to check the status of your application.

Your space is secure at The Village @ Rose State after you successfully apply for Housing and pay your $30 application fee to the Cashiers office, enroll for the upcoming semester, submit your Student Housing Contract, and pay your $200 deposit to the Cashiers office. Your space is not secure until all of the steps are followed, in that order, and your $200 is on-file. You are unable to pay your deposit until you have been contacted by Residence Life to do so. Housing availability is on a first come, first serve basis.

Plans change and we understand that. If you need to cancel your Student Housing Contract, please do so in writing to and include your full name, RSC student ID number, permanent mailing address, and reason for cancelling. All cancellations for the Fall semester must be received by the second Friday in July, by 5:00 PM in order for the $200 deposit to be refunded. Any cancellations made after that date will forfeit the $200 deposit.

If you and someone you know want to live together, there is an option to indicate that on your Student Housing Application. All parties must indicate the preference of living together. Accommodations for roommates will be made on a first come, first serve basis. Make sure to submit your applications early! If you don’t have a roommate in mind, there is space on your Housing Application to answer questions about yourself and we will go off that to place you with someone.

Once you are admitted for the academic semester in which you wish to begin residing in Student Housing, you will then be provided a notification of eligibility and a Student Housing Contract including the terms and conditions. Upon receipt of the notification of eligibility, Student Housing Contract and submitting your FAFSA, you must return the signed and completed Student Housing Contract with the $200.00 room reservation security deposit before your housing assignment will be completed. You must be enrolled for the semester of desired occupancy before your roommate assignment will be completed and final.

*All housing fees will be in effect once the signed Student Housing Contract and $200.00 room reservation security deposit have been received.

*Please note students may not pay their $200.00 deposit until a space is confirmed for them from Residence Life staff and they are emailed a copy of the Student Housing Contract with next step directions. This notification process for Fall will not begin until the second week of June so that Residence Life staff may celebrate graduation with current residents, execute finals week activities, and complete the spring move-out process for current residents. We appreciate your cooperation with this timeline and ask that you not check the status of your Housing application until after the second week of June so that we may focus on these end of semester tasks and our process is not delayed. It is also important to remember that due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), Residence Life staff members may only speak to the student regarding the status of their application, not anyone else. Housing Application status will not be given over the phone, and will be sent to the email you provide in your application.

All Residents/Lessees must pay the housing charges in full or have satisfactory payment arrangements approved before the Resident/Lessee can move into The Village @ Rose State. The charges can be paid in full by academic year, by semester, or paid in installments via an installment payment plan. If a Resident/Lessee is receiving assistance through the Financial Aid Office, the entire semester’s housing charges will be paid from any Financial Assistance the Resident/Lessee is awarded before the Resident/Lessee will be eligible to receive any refund. Tuition and fees will be paid first with any Financial Aid. Financial Aid is defined as any aid disbursed by the Financial Aid Office to include but not limited to: all student loans; all grants; all scholarships; Pell Grants; and all other state, local, and federal funds disbursed to the student’s account from either the Financial Aid Office or the Cashiers office. 

Our mission is to create a safe and secure environment where students can learn, create a community, and enjoy their on-campus living experience. There are rules, policies, and expectations for living on-campus .The Community Living and Standards Handbook can be found on our website under Resident Resources. 

Please contact Residence Life at (405) 733-7490, stop by our office Monday-Thursday, 8am- 8pm, Fridays 8am – 5pm or email us at