Former Rose State College Regents

Rose State College has been richly blessed with talented and dedicated leaders who volunteered their time and services to build the College into the successful and excellent institution of higher education that it is today. Provided below, in alphabetical order, is a brief biographical statement about each of our past Regents.

Alvin H. Alcorn, 1987-2001

Gary W. Banz, 2001-2004

Joe B. Barnes, 1968-1973

Ken Bartlett, 2001-2010

William G. Bernhardt, M.D., 1973-1987

William P. Bowden, 1997-2004

Bryce H. Cochran, M.D., 1968-1973

K. Joe Cole, 1988-2013

Gus Coleman, 1977-1984

Ronald L. Collier, 1979-1988

John Conrad, 1973-1980

Aarone C. Corwin, 2005-2015

Robert H. Croak, 1993-2014

J.B. Estes, 1968-1979

Ray M. Hardin, 2002-2009

Patricia W. Hefton, 1984-1991

Richard (Dick) R. Hefton, 2009-2016

James F. Howell, 2004-2011

Frances W. Hughes, Ph.D., 1988-1991

Fred C. Joiner, 1968-1974

Marie S. Jordan, 1991-1998

Orin Kimball, 1968-1973

Carroll McIlvoy, 1968-1971

Maurice C. Nickell, DDS, 1976-1987

Norris Price, 1974-1977

Don S. Reynolds, 1971-2001

Lynne F. Saunders, 1991-1997 & 1998-2002

William R. Sharp, Jr., 1987-1993

Julia M. Thomas, 1980-1987

Russell D. Vaught, 1968-1973

Jo Helen Webber, 1977-1984

Toney M. Webber, 1973-1977