Explore Key Title IX Options

Option 3

I think I’ve suffered an act of sexual misconduct, but I’m not sure.


There are several options available; here is some information we hope will help.

Talking to someone may help.  Here are some people you can contact.  They are trained to help you.

Here are the defined prohibited acts of sexual misconduct.

Here is what College policy says about Reporting Sexual Misconduct or Sexual Violence

If you decide to file a formal complaint, please use this Complaint Form.

Not all complaints will progress to an investigation or live hearing.  Some complaints don’t meet the requirements for Title IX and may have to be dismissed. 

Allegations from dismissed Title IX complaints may be actionable under other prohibited conduct, such as employment discrimination or student misconduct.

Retaliation in any form will not be tolerated at Rose State College.  To better understand intentional and unintentional retaliation and how it will be handled in the event it occurs, please review the official Retaliation policy. 

Here is information on other forms of discrimination, harassment, and misconduct prohibited by Federal law, including Title VI, Title VII, Americans With Disabilities Act, Section 504, and Administrative Grievances.

If you have other concerns that are not related to Title IX, please refer to the 2020-2021 Student Handbook for guidance, contact information, or resources that may be of assistance.