Title IX

Title IX - Procedures

Victims of sexual misconduct, sex discrimination and/or unlawful harassment are encouraged to come forward with such claims. Complaints alleging a violation of the Sexual Misconduct, Sex Discrimination and Unlawful Harassment Policy shall be handled in accordance with the Rose State College Grievance Procedures (PDF).

Victims may report alleged misconduct, discrimination and/or harassment to any administrator or faculty member.  Victims may also submit a written complaint (complaint form PDF) directly to the Title IX Coordinator/Deputy Coordinator.  

Campus Contacts for Reporting and Outreach

Midwest City Police Department -  911
Campus Security Office -  (405) 733-7313

Rose State College Title IX Coordinator Deputy Title IX Coordinators Campus Counseling Services
Campus Title IX Coordinator
Ms. Alberta Nutter

Senior Director, Human Resources/AAO

Administration Building, Room 104

(405) 733-7979


Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Mr. Mike Templeman

Director, Campus Compliance and Student Conduct

Health and Environmental Science

Room 200

(405) 736-0213


Dr. Joanne Stafford

Director, Special Services and Student Outreach

Student Services Building, Room 101

(405) 733-7373


  Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Residents

Ms. Alyssa Loveless

Director for Residence Life

1704 Hudiburg Drive

(405) 733-7490


Ms. Janet Griffith

Coordinator, Disability Services/Counselor

Student Services Building, Room 101

(405) 733-7373


  Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletics

Mr. Joey DaVault

Executive Director, Athletic Programs

Fine Arts Building, Room 100F

(405) 736-0362



In addition to seeking criminal charges through local law enforcement, members of the Campus community may also file complaints with the following entities irrespective of whether they choose to file a complaint under this procedure:

Office of Civil Rights:

Kansas City Field Office:   OCR.KansasCity@ed.gov   1-816-268-0550

Washington D.C.:   OCR@ed.gov   1-800-421-3481

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission:

Oklahoma City Field Office: 1-800-669-4000

Washington D.C.: 1-800-669-4000

State of Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office:

Office of Civil Rights Enforcement:   OCRE@oag.gov   405-521-2029