A bowl created by a 3D printer in the FabLab

Business & Information Technology

BIT Prototyping Lab

The BIT Prototyping Lab is a facility for inventors, entrepreneurs, tinkerers and anyone looking to turn ideas into reality.

Rose State College’s BIT Digital Lab is a fully functional digital prototyping and additive manufacturing facility. Additive Manufacturing is a cornerstone of digital fabrication which allows students to create anything from the ground up with minimal material waste. In short, anything you can think of you can create.

This academic lab introduces Rose State students to the concept of futuristic design and production. Lab access is restricted to current students admitted to Rose State College and enrolled in classes offered by the BIT Digital Lab. 

What you will learn

From the first day of class, students experience hands on learning with a variety of 3D printers and laser systems. From the beginning of the program, students will gain a working knowledge of current industry modeling software. Students will be immersed in the total creative process of design, prototyping, and assembly. Throughout the program, students will be mentored from their initial idea to final product.

Introductory classes focus on building student confidence in the use of illustration and modeling software. Lab users will also become proficient in the use of digital production equipment and techniques.

Advanced classes concentrate on the creative design process and advanced manufacturing techniques. 

How it applies to the Future

Additive manufacturing is revitalizing the American manufacturing process. Students with digital prototyping and additive manufacturing experience will find job opportunities with the aircraft industry, the Department of Defense, local manufacturing, educational training, and more.

Digital Fabrication is currently being used in:

  • Commercial and military aircraft
  • Electronics and consumer products
  • Medical treatments
  • Food design and preparation
  • Architecture and prefabrication construction 

Additive manufacturing is revitalizing the American manufacturing process.

Lab Manager

Kimberly Schriewer
Kimberly Schriewer
Part-Time Business Information Technology Division
(405) 733-7573