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Rose State College completes an annual report which documents activities which will be undertaken to increase awareness of IA. Annual Report (PDF) It is interesting to note the variety of groups which requested information on cyber security, identity theft, and social engineering which demonstrates that concern is prevalent throughout the culture. Activities which were included in the last report include the following items.

  1.  Rose State in cooperation with its CSEC partners hosted the 5th Annual Oklahoma Cyber Security Seminar, a two-day seminar through the Oklahoma Office of State Finance for its employees at no cost to them. This workshop is for state workers, first responders, and other technical employees of the Oklahoma state government.  Fall 2009 Agenda (PDF)
  2. Rose State College faculty and students held an Identity Theft Seminar for Harrah Public Schools. Training was provided as a part of Harrah’s in-service program for faculty, staff, and selected students. The specific topic addressed methods to protect participants’ personal and professional identities. (Fall 2007, 2008, 2009)
  3. Rose State College faculty spoke on current cyber trends to, Tinker Business Industrial Park, TBIP. TBIP provides office space and support to local aerospace contractors such as SAIC, the Oklahoma Aerospace Institute, Rolls Royce, Pratt Whitney and others. Current issues affecting participants including Cyber Security, Identity Theft, Social Engineering were discussed. (Fall 2008)
  4. Rose State College faculty spoke to the Mid Del Leadership Council on two (2) separate occasions in the 2009-2010 calendar academic years. The Leadership Class consists of local business partners and civic leaders of the Midwest City and Del City areas.
  5. Rose State College offers classes to at-risk students which provide academic and personal support, the STSR 1102, Educational Planning course, in an effort to improve the potential for their success. Faculty and Cyber Security Club members are asked each semester to make presentations to these classes about identity theft and social engineering. (Fall 2008, Spring 2009, Fall 2009, Spring 2010)
  6. Rose State College faculty and Cyber Security Club members consistently make presentations to students in the Personal Finance course each semester. These courses are a general education requirement for academic programs at Rose State. Faculty feel that the topic of identity theft is critical information for students who are becoming adults and opening banking accounts and purchasing online that could make them easy targets. (Fall 2008, Spring 2009, Fall 2009, Spring 2010)
  7. Because of the scope of identity theft extending well beyond young adults, Rose State College faculty were invited to speak to the Mid-Del Rotary Club on cyber security, identity theft and social engineering. (Spring 2009)
  8. Rose State College faculty also made presentations spoke to the Del City Rotary Club on the subject of cyber security, identity theft and social engineering. (Fall 2009)
  9. On campus, faculty were invited to speak to the Non-Traditional Students Organization, a club which consists of primarily adult students. Again, the prevailing topics of identity theft and social engineering were presented. (Spring 2010)
  10.  Rose State College faculty also provided information for a printed article to the College newspaper, The 15th Street News, on identity theft and social engineering.

Letters of Support from Industry Partners

  1. Best Buy letter of support (PDF)
  2. City of Moore letter of support (PDF)
  3. DISA letter of support (PDF)
  4. Great Plains Coca Cola letter of support (PDF)
  5. Griffin Communications letter of support (PDF)
  6. Integris Health letter of support (PDF)
  7. Jackson Hewitt letter of support (PDF)
  8. JGVE Engineering letter of support (PDF)
  9. John P Falcone letter of support (PDF)
  10. Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center letter of support (PDF)
  11. Oklahoma Fire Chiefs Association letter of support (PDF)
  12. Oklahoma State Department of Health letter of support (PDF)
  13. Oklahoma State Fire Fighters Association letter of support (PDF)
  14. State Fire Marshall letter of support (PDF)
  15. Telogical Systems letter of support (PDF)
  16. The Waggoners Trucking letter of support (PDF)