Cyber Security/Digital Forensics

GenCyber School Camps

Rose State College Generation Cyber 2016
Summer Camp

This June, Rose State College is offering a free summer camp/workshop for Elementary School through High School and Teachers, funded by the NSF/NSA joint GenCyber program.  The program will explore cyber security first principles, online privacy, and social media.

Ken Dewey, the Director of Cyber Security at Rose State College, will lead this year's event.

The program will mix in lectures with hands-on and interactive activities, augmented with field trips and guest speakers.  Members of the College's Information Technology staff will provide a "behind the scenes" look at security and a live functioning large scale network.

There is no charge for this program, lunch and refreshments are provided.  Applications are due May 15, 2016.  Space is limited for all camps. The curriculum is similar in each camp with the exception of the High School and Teachers camps which will provide more in depth information and topics along with a Capture the Flag and other exciting activities.  

The following camps will be offered:

  • Elementary School camp:  6-7 June.  
  • Middle School camp:  8-10 June.  
  • High School and Teacher camp: 13-17 June.

Application forms should be completed online.

Topics covered in these camps are:

  • Cyber Security First Fundamentals
  • Access Controls and Network Authentication
  • Digital Forensics Concepts
  • Malware identification and removal
  • Basic programming
  • Network Traffic Capture and Analysis
  • Computer and Network Hardware identification and configuration
  • Basic design principles using 3D design software, 3D printer, and a laser
  • Basic encryption and decryption
  • Social Media and Online Privacy

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