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Business & Information Technology

Hospitality and Event Management

Providing students with entry-level and advanced knowledge and skill sets designed to prepare students to gain access to career opportunities in the hotel, casino, restaurant, and event planning field.

The goal of the Hospitality & Event Management degree and certificate is to equip students with the ability to become managers and/or facilitators.  This would include preparing students for job opportunities in the facility maintenance, investment support, direct operations (servers, housekeepers, porters, kitchen workers, bartenders, etc.), management, marketing, human resources, and customer satisfaction areas of Hospitality and Event Management.

Degree Requirements Worksheet (PDF)


  • Organize multilevel schedules to accommodate all involved parties;
  • interact with people from diverse backgrounds and diverse expectations to improve employee relations and productivity;
  • Manage employees in small and large scale organizations;
  • Micro- and macro-manage people in a variety of business settings to improve overall productivity; and,
  • Develop goals within an organization and follow through with established goals and be willing to adjust the goal set to coexist with the current business climate.

Certificate/Degree Awarded

Associate in Applied Science and/or Certificate

Discipline Professors

Amanda Foote
Amanda Foote
Professor, Management/Business Administration Business Information Technology Division
(405) 733-7470

Academic Advisor

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson
Academic Advisor Business Information Technology Division
(405) 736-0348