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College-Level Math

Which RSC General Education Math class is best for you?
The Rose State Math Department currently offers two courses that satisfy the General Education requirement: General College Math and College Algebra. Each was developed to meet particular degree requirements. To decide which one is best for you, compare each course’s design to the needs of your degree program. If you are not certain about your degree, you should take College Algebra.

Important: Whichever course you choose, check that it will transfer to the four-year institution of your choice. For the Oklahoma Regents Transfer Grid, visit this link.

MATH 1473 – General College Math

Prerequisite:  MATH 0134 - Math Literacy, MATH 0123 –Elementary Algebra, or equivalent
Course Description: This course includes selected topics from sets, logic and truth tables, probability and statistics, consumer mathematics, and mathematics needed for the critical evaluation of quantitative information. (3 credit hours)

Rationale: This course is meant for students who plan to enter degree fields that will require little, if any, formal mathematics. It is a survey of the general use of mathematics and is often taught through hands-on projects.

MATH 1513 – College Algebra

Prerequisite: MATH 0143 – Intermediate Algebra or equivalent
Course Description: This course includes a study of functions and their graphs, with special emphasis on polynomial, rational, absolute value, exponential, and logarithmic functions. Additional topics include systems of equations, matrices, determinants, conics, and the binomial theorem. MATH 1473 (or its equivalent) does not fulfill the prerequisite for this course. (3 credit hours)

Rationale: This course is meant for students pursuing degrees that require math skills beyond the developmental mathematics curriculum and may be either required for the major or as a necessary prerequisite for a required course. Additionally, successful completion of College Algebra and Trigonometry is considered the equivalent of completing Precalculus and prepares the student for the Calculus sequence.