patient in lab getting a dental impression

Dental Hygiene

Board Examination Screening Application

In order for the dental hygiene students to be licensed as a Registered Dental Hygienist, they must each pass a clinical exam where they provide dental care to a patient. The exam is offered by the Western Regional Examining Board and usually referred to as ‘WREB’. Certain criteria must be met in order to be accepted as a patient. The students’ pay over one thousand dollars to take the exam so it is very important that they select the correct patient to qualify for acceptance and that the patient be responsible and dependable. The purpose of the screening is to determine the oral health and amount of disease currently in your mouth. Patient selection includes evaluation of your health history: dental history: oral conditions such as amount of calculus (also known as tartar), condition of the gingiva (gums), and amount of bone loss (pockets) around the teeth. 


Upon submission of your Board Examination Screening Application, a Rose State Dental Hygiene student will be contacting you shortly. If you wish to be a regular clinic patient during the 2021-22 academic year, call the Rose State Dental Hygiene Program at 733-7337 beginning August 2, 2021. We appreciate your cooperation and support in the education of the Rose State College Dental Hygiene Program students.


Exam Date: June 5 – June 6

Please note: The exact date and time is specific to the student, and could be any time within those two days.