close up of person entering data on a tablet with a stylus

HIM Coding Specialist


General Education Requirements


HSBC 1113 Medical Terminology
HSBC 1104 Anatomy and Physiology  *May take HSBC 2114 and BIOL 2424
CIT 1093 Microcomputer Applications

Program Courses


HSHI 1104

Introduction to Health Information


HSBC 2103

Human Pathology+


HSHI 2203

ICD Coding I+


HSHI 2223

Healthcare Reimbursement & Revenue Cycle Management




HSHI 2423

ICD Coding II

HSHI 1233

Ambulatory Coding

HSHI 2572

Coding Practicum

HSHI 2631

Pharmacology for Health Information

Please note: HSHI classes are scheduled only in the semesters indicated above.