close up of a student drawing blood

Phlebotomy Certificate Program


Application Process

The next application period will begin Febuary 1st to April 15th . Applications may be completed online prior to the respective semester deadline. Contact the Health Sciences Division office by calling (405) 733-7359, or click to email the Program Director for further information.

Physical & Mental Qualifications 

The following minimal physical and mental qualifications are necessary:

  1. Mobility: the ability to move around in the work areas.
  2. Visual acuity: vision sufficient to accurately distinguish colors, read, and perform procedures, monitor instruments, and performs microscopic procedures.
  3. Motor skills: the coordination and movement ability to manipulate equipment and supplies, e.g. adjusting control knobs, manipulating small items.
  4. The ability to speak, write and comprehend the English language.
  5. The ability to communicate in an effective and professional way with clients and health-care providers.
  6. Auditory acuity sufficient to hear instructions, requests, and monitor equipment.
  7. The ability to use problem-solving skills including application of concepts.
  8. The ability to follow instructions/regulations.
  9. The ability to reach a level of proficiency necessary to perform with minimal supervision.
  10. The ability to perform in stressful situations that are team-oriented and task-specific. 

Latex Sensitivity: students with a history of latex sensitivity are cautioned about selecting a career as a healthcare professional. Consultation with a physician is recommended.

Rose State College will provide reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities in order for students to have access to educational programs and services. Students with disabilities requiring accommodations should make the initial request for accommodation to the Counselor for Students with Disabilities in the Student Development area. Click to view the RSC Student Handbook for further details.

Notification of Acceptance Status

All applicants are notified by e-mail by June 20, or Dec 20, respectively.

Program Costs  

Federal Background Check


NIDAS Drug Screen


Application to Rose State College (1st time students only)


Tuition and Fees (12 hours)*


Laboratory Fee, Parking, and Student I.D.


Textbooks (estimated)


Uniforms/Lab Coats (estimated)


Hepatitis B Vaccinations


Liability Insurance for Clinicals




Estimated Costs

*In-state tuition/*The tuition charges may be changed without notice.