close up of a student drawing blood

Phlebotomy Certificate Program


Required Courses (Required for ASCP registry)

The following courses with a minimum "C" grade, are required:

  • HSPC 1234 Comprehensive Phlebotomy
  • HSPC 1344 Phlebotomy Practicum
  • 16 Elective courses from the list below (not required for ASCP registry)

Elective Courses

Choose 16 hours from the following list of courses to complete the Phlebotomy Certificate Program:

Course Number Course Name
HSCL 1103 Intro to Medical Laboratory
HSBC 1104 Anatomy and Physiology
HSBC 1113 Medical Terminology
CIT 1093 Microcomputer Applications OR
CIT 1103 Intro to Computers
HSBC 1224 Intro to Clinical Micro
PSYC 1113 Intro to Psychology
ENGL 1113 English Comp I

Hospital Clinical Courses or Practicums

Practicum course (HSPC 1344) consists of 4 to 5 hours per day, 5 days per week for 160 hours. The time at which the practicum will begin varies, depending on the hospital. BE PREPARED FOR EARLY MORNING CLINICAL HOURS. YOU MAY BE REQUIRED TO BEGIN ASSIGNMENTS AT 3:30 A.M.

Students are required to provide their own clean lab coats.

Requirements Prior to Clinical Rotation (HSPC 1344)

A. Successful completion with a minimum grade of “C” in HSPC 1234.
B. Prior to HSPC 1344 Phlebotomy Practicum, the student must have submitted:

  1. Written proof of rubella immunity
  2. Written proof of rubeola immunity
  3. Written proof of hepatitis B vaccination OR Testing showing immunity OR Signed declination form
  4. Written documentation of either a negative T.B. skin test (read in mm) within the 12 months prior to the rotation or if a past skin test has been positive, at least one negative chest film since conversion.
  5. Written proof of varicella immunity: either documentation of vaccination or documentation of titer showing immunity. OR Physician’s statement regarding contraindications precluding vaccination
  6. Written proof of hospitalization insurance OR Signed waiver assuming financial responsibility for cost of any emergency care necessary while performing duties as a student in the clinical site.
  7. Proof of current CPR certification (AED). This is available at Rose State College and The American Red Cross, 601 N.E. 6th, Oklahoma City, (405) 232-7121.