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Respiratory Therapist

Admission and Application

Application period begins Wednesday February 1st.

Application (PDF)

Program Requirements

Admission to the Respiratory Therapist Program professional courses is by a special application procedure. The only entry to the professional courses is the fall of each year. The Respiratory Therapist Program Director or a RSC Advisor should be consulted prior to planning a course of study. Students must have completed or be able to complete the following sciences course prerequisites prior to beginning the professional education in the fall semester:



Intro Chemistry



Human Anatomy



Human Physiology



Intro to Clinical Microbiology or



Principles of Microbiology

Application Information

To enroll in Respiratory Therapist Program professional courses, a student must apply and be accepted. The following application procedure should serve as a guide when applying to the program.

    1. Complete the Respiratory Therapist Program application. The application packet may be obtained online during the application period of February 1-April 15. In addition, individuals need to apply to the College if not currently enrolled at Rose State College and have a transcript evaluation completed.
    2. Submit official college transcript's) of any college coursework. If official transcript's are on file in the Rose State College Office of Admissions, the student should obtain true copies to attach to their Program Application.
    3. Complete ACCUPLACER Assessment Tests, Sentence Skills, Reading Comprehension and ACCUPLACER Math. The ACCUPLACER Assessment Tests are administered throughout the year. Admission tickets for the exams are provided by advisors in Student Development, SSB Room 100. Students are allowed to take the exams a maximum of two times per enrollment period. The tests are administered in the Enrollment and Specialized Testing Center, SSB 204, Monday 8 AM through 7 PM, Tuesday through Thursday at 8 AM to 6 PM, and 8 AM to 5 PM on Friday.
    4. A mandatory orientation session is scheduled following the application deadline and prior to the selection of a class.
    5. If you have attended another college or university, you MUST submit an official COLLEGE TRANSCRIPT to the Office of Admissions and Records. Upon submission of your OFFICIAL College transcripts, you should request a DEGREE AUDIT from the Office of Admissions and Records. The DEGREE AUDIT verifies acceptance by Rose State College of credit hours earned from another institution of higher education (within or outside the state of Oklahoma).

Application Period

The application period is February 1 through April 15. An application packet may be obtained online during the application period only. For questions in obtaining an application, call (405) 733-7361.

Completed applications and all requested documents must be returned to the Respiratory Therapist Program office by April 15. All applicants are notified of their admission status after June 1.

Clinical Affiliates require background checks and drug testing. Students will be responsible for the cost.

Selection Process

Applicants are numerically ranked based upon college grade point average for science course prerequisites completed at the end of the spring term and Compass Test scores. Applicants who are accepted, but do not enroll in the Respiratory Therapist professional courses and those applicants who are denied acceptance must reapply to be considered for subsequent program admission. Applicants are usually notified of admission status by June 1st.

Program Costs

Pre-Program Requirement (Estimated Costs)

Tuition and Fees  - 35 hours x $114.70 per credit hour


Mandatory Fees - 35 hours x $29.25 per credit hour


Parking Fees and Student ID


Lab Fees


Textbooks (estimate)


Total Pre-Program Costs


Professional Program (Second-Year Estimated Costs)

Fall Semester


Tuition and Fees - 17 hours x $114.70 per credit hour


Mandatory Fees - 17 hours x $29.25 per credit hour


Lab Fees


Liability Insurance (for 1 year)


Competency Access Program


Textbooks (estimated)


Stethoscope 30.00

Scrubs (navy, dark blue)


Student Patches for Scrubs (2)


Urine Drug Screen


Expanded Background Check


Fall Semester Total



Spring Semester


Tuition and Fees - 14 hours x $114.70 per credit hour


Mandatory Fees - 35 hours x $29.25 per credit hour


Lab Fees


Textbooks (estimated)


Spring Semester Total



Summer Semester


Tuition and Fees - 8 hours x $114.70 per credit hour


Assessment Fee


Parking Fee and Student ID ($5.00 ea)


Summer Semester Total



Professional Program Total Cost




Graduating students must also pay $100 for an Oklahoma license, $190 for the therapist multiple choice exam (licensing exam) and $200 to take the RRT exam. Students are expected to provide their own transportation to clinical sites. 

Students are responsible for obtaining all documentation required for the application, by the application deadline.