Library Technical Assistant

The online Library Technical Assistant program at Rose State is the only LTA program in Oklahoma. All courses are taught by master's-level librarians. For those students who do not want or need to complete the Associate’s degree, an embedded certificate is available in Library Technical Assistantship. Currently, we offer two Library Technical Assistant courses per semester, and, since all courses are taught online, students may complete program requirements while working full-time.

Degree Requirements (PDF)

Program Objectives

Graduates of the LTA program will be able to do the following:

  • Exhibit knowledge and understanding of libraries, museums, and other knowledge storage mechanisms.
  • Demonstrate understanding of customer service, library classification MARC records, children’s and teens’ authors, familiarity with common reference materials and how to use them to assist library patrons.
  • Demonstrate basic computer literacy skills, basic managements skills and the life cycle of documents.
  • Exhibit a basic general foundation of English, history, government, science or math, and liberal arts


Career Fields

  • Public and private libraries
  • School libraries at all levels
  • Government agencies
  • Research organizations


Melissa Huffman
Melissa Huffman
Director, Library Resources and Services Learning Resources Center
(405) 733-7538
Jeff Conkin
Jeff Conkin
Academic Advisor Humanities Division
(405) 733-7999