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Need help with a particular writing skill? Check out the FREE workshops! All workshops are held from 12:00-1:00 on Fridays in the Writing Lab (HU 137) No Sign-Up Required

Date Topic Facilitator
8/31/18 Using Brightspace (D2L) and other online resources for composition Kevin Caliendo
9/7/18 Research strategies and avoiding unintentional plagiarism Christine Dettlaff
9/14/18 Composing strong thesis statements and topic sentences Janice Andrews
9/21/18 Mastering MLA documentation Kelly Bailey
9/28/18 Mastering APA documentation Corey Fitzgerald
10/5/18 Basic argument strategies (Toulmin & Classical methods) Julie Dill
10/12/18 Analyzing and creating visual arguments Julie Dill
10/26/18 Advanced argument strategies (Problem solving using common ground & Rogerian method) Corey Fitzgerald
11/2/18 Writing the literary analysis essay Kristin Hahn
11/9/18 Using proper punctuation (apostrophes, semicolons, commas, colons) Corey Fitzgerald
11/30/18 Identifying phrases and clauses Lacey Veazey-Daniel
12/7/18 Recognizing common sentence errors Sherri Mussatto