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Course Syllabi

The current syllabi for courses taught in the Humanities Department are available below.  These syllabi are periodically updated, and the most recent version is posted here at the beginning of each academic year.

NOTE:  All syllabi are in PDF format and require Acrobat Reader to view/print.  Acrobat Reader is a free program and may be installed from the website:   Get Reader here.

Art Courses

course number course name
ART 1103 Art Appreciation
ART 1113 Photography I
ART 1213 Drawing I
ART 1223 Drawing II
ART 1313 Fundamentals of Art I
ART 1323 Color I
ART 2123 Photography II
ART 2413 Survey of Art, Technology, and Culture
ART 2513 Painting I
ART 2523 Painting II
ART 2713 Independent Studies in Art
ART 2813 Survey of Art History I
ART 2823 Survey of Art History II
ART 2893 Ceramics I
ART 2902 Capstone Project

College and Life Strategies

course number course name
EDUC 1103 College and Life Strategies

English Courses

course number course name
ENGL 0131 Composition Studio
ENGL 0133 English Composition Review
ENGL 0142 Integrated Composition Skills
ENGL 1113 English Composition I
ENGL 1213 English Composition II
ENGL 1913 Writing for Health Professionals
ENGL 2033 Creative Writing
ENGL 2053 Technical Report Writing
ENGL 2063 Poetry Writing
ENGL 2113 Introduction to Literature
ENGL 2123 Introduction to Cinema
ENGL 2133 Bible as Literature
ENGL 2153 Fantasy and Science Fiction Literature
ENGL 2213 American Literature to 1865
ENGL 2223 American Literature from 1865
ENGL 2233 Native American Literature
ENGL 2243 African American Literature
ENGL 2253 Women in American Literature
ENGL 2313 English Literature to 1798
ENGL 2323 English Literature from 1798
ENGL 2413 World Literature to 1674
ENGL 2423 World Literature from 1674
ENGL 2503 English Capstone

Film Studies and Digital Media Courses

course number course name
FSDM 1103  Production Design
FSDM 1213   Directing & Media Aesthetics
FSDM 1223   Basic Editing
FSDM 1313   Cinematography
FSDM 1413   Sound Recording and Design
FSDM 1833   Film History
FSDM 1913    Classical Hollywood Cinema
FSDM 2223   Advanced Editing and After Effects
FSDM 2503   Production I
FSDM 2543   Production II
FSDM 2091-3   Special Topics in Film
FSDM 2801-3   Film and Digital Media Internship
FSDM 2913   Capstone: Film Project
FSDM 2923   Capstone in Digital Media

French Courses

course number course name
FREN 1115 Elementary French I
FREN 1225 Elementary French II

German Courses

course number course name
GERM 1115 Elementary German I
GERM 1225 Elementary German II

Humanities Courses

course number course name
HUM 2113 Humanities Through the Middle Ages
HUM 2223 Humanities from the Renaissance
HUM 2313 American Humanities
HUM 2323 Latin American Humanities
HUM 2343 Classical Mythology
HUM 2423 Global Cultural Experience
HUM 2603 Study Tour in Humanities (VAR)

Language Courses

Courses in languages other than French, German, and Spanish use the LANG prefix.

course number course name
LANG 1003 Conversational Language I
LANG 1115 Elementary Language I
LANG 1225 Elementary Language II
LANG 2113 Intermediate Language I
LANG 2095 Bodéwadmimwen ngot (Potawatomi Language I)
LANG 2223 Intermediate Language II

Leadership Courses

LEAD 1103 Intro to Diversity
LEAD 1203 Leadership in the Arts
LEAD 2103 Lessons in Leadership
LEAD 2113 Introduction to Leadership
LEAD 2901 Leadership in Practice

Library Technical Assistant Courses

course number course name
LTA 1303 Special Publications
LTA 1312 Library Services for Children and Young Adults
LTA 1313 Introduction to Library Public Services
LTA 1322 Introduction to the Library Paraprofessional Field
LTA 1323 Introduction to Library Technical Services
LTA 1333 Technology in Libraries
LTA 1343 Records Management
LTA 1353 Library Management Skills
LTA 2001 Capstone Project

Mass Communication Courses

MCOM 2513Screenwriting
course number course name
MCOM 1103 Introduction to Mass Media
MCOM 1203 Media Writing
MCOM 1213 Public Speaking
MCOM 1401 Mass Media Practicum
MCOM 2093 Sports Reporting
MCOM 2203 News Reporting
MCOM 2323 Principles of Public Relations
MCOM 2333 Layout and Graphic Design
MCOM 2413 Digital Photography
MCOM 2503 Media Production
MCOM 2513 Screenwriting
MCOM 2603 Video News
MCOM 2703 TV Studio Production
MCOM 2801-3 Mass Communication Internship
MCOM 2901 Mass Communication Capstone

Music Courses

course number course name
MUS 1001 Chorus
MUS 1201 Jazz Band
MUS 1203 Music in Life
MUS 1212 Aural Theory I
MUS 1222 Harmony I
MUS 1232 Aural Theory II
MUS 1242 Harmony II
MUS 1263 Fundamentals of Music
MUS 1313 Music Literature I
MUS 1323 Music Literature II
MUS 1402 Group Piano I
MUS 1412 Group Guitar
MUS 1501 Orchestra
MUS 1742 Music Theatre I
MUS 1752 Music Theatre II
MUS 2101 Rose Chamber Singers
MUS 2402 Aural Theory III
MUS 2422 Harmony III
MUS 2432 Aural Theory IV
MUS 2442 Harmony IV


course number course name
MUS 1001 Rose State Chorus
MUS 1301 Instrumental Ensemble

Private Lessons

course number course name
MUS 2511-2 Voice
MUS 2501-2 Piano (Variable)
MUS 2521-2 Guitar (Variable)
MUS 2541-2 Woodwinds (Variable)
MUS 2551-2 Brass Instruments (Variable)
MUS 2561-2 Percussion Instrument (Variable)
MUS 2571-2 Stringed Instrument (Variable)

Musical Theatre Option Courses

course number course name
MUS 1742 Musical Theatre Performance I
MUS 1752 Musical Theatre Performance II

Philosophy Courses

course number course name
PHIL 1103 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 1223 Introduction to Asian Philosophy
PHIL 2103 Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 2113 Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking
PHIL 2203 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 2303 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 2401-3  Internship in Philosophy
PHIL 2503 Philosophy Capstone
PHIL 2603 Ethics of Data Science

Reading Courses

course number course name
READ 1203 Reading and Vocabulary Enrichment
READ 1213 Advanced Reading and Vocabulary Enrichment

Spanish Courses

course number course name
SPAN 1003 Basic Spanish Conversation
SPAN 1115 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 1225 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 1261 Spanish Immersion I
SPAN 2113 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 2223 Intermediate Spanish II

Theatre Courses

course number course name
TH 1103 Stagecraft
TH 1311 Theatrical Production I
TH 1321 Theatrical Production II
TH 1341 Theatre Dance I - Ballet Technique
TH 1351 Theatre Dance II - Jazz and Tap
TH 1353 Introduction to Theatre
TH 1513 Acting I
TH 1533 Voice and Diction
TH 1742 Musical Theatre Performance I
TH 1752 Musical Theatre Performance II
TH 2113 Make-Up
TH 2331 Theatre Production III
TH 2523 Acting II
TH 2713 Directing
TH 2721-3 Theatre internship
TH 2902 Theatre Capstone Project