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Film Studies and Digital Media

Program Objectives:

The goal of the Film Studies and Digital Media Degree Program is to provide basic film and digital media production knowledge and skills through instruction of theory, technology, equipment operation, production, directing, audio, and post-production as a foundation for students who pursue professional opportunities in the traditional film industry and also those who intend to work for small companies or themselves as entrepreneurs through creation of online, digital content. The overall goal of the Film Studies and Digital Media AAS Degree Program is to prepare students to assume employment in a position with filmmaking or content creation responsibilities. Upon degree completion, students will be able to:

  1. Develop the skills necessary to succeed in related jobs in various industries;
  2. Develop written and organizational skills specific to film and digital media production;
  3. Utilize camera, lighting, and sound equipment specific to film and digital video production;
  4. Utilize software for computer design and layout specific to digital media production;
  5. Utilize post-production software specific to film and digital media production; and
  6. Effectively communicate through various media.

Career Fields:

  • Director
  • Production Assistant
  • Producer
  • Editing and Post-Production
  • Screenwriter
  • Camera Department
  • Art Department
  • Content Creator
  • Digital Marketing

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Marcus Mallard
Marcus Mallard
Professor of English/Coordinator, Film Studies and Digital Media/Avid Certified Humanities Department
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Chris Shaneyfelt
Chris Shaneyfelt
Humanities Advisor Humanities Department
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