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Reach Higher Program

Oklahoma Reach Higher is a statewide program designed to support working adults who want to go back to school to finish an associate degree. To start, you choose a school — your "home institution" — from among 14 Oklahoma schools, one of which is Rose State. 

Then our Reach Higher program coordinator will help you develop a personalized degree completion plan that works around your schedule. We'll also take into account your existing college credits — you may be much closer to a degree than you realize!

The degree available at Rose State through the Reach Higher program is an Associate in Arts General Studies degree. To qualify, you must:

  • Have at least 18 hours of college credit
  • Have a 2.0 GPA from previous college credit
  • Have completed all required remedial coursework, if applicable

There is no application fee and you can apply online anytime at the Oklahoma Reach Higher website. The program offers one-on-one advisement, flexible enrollment periods year-round, one-stop mentoring and problem-solving, and on-campus and online options to fit your schedule.

If you have any questions or need including help applying, contact Monique:


Monique Bruner
Monique Bruner
Director of Degree Completion and Student Retention Office of Degree Completion and Student Retention
(405) 733-7524