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Brightspace (by D2L)

For Students

Rose 2PlusID

If you are a Rose student taking classes for college credit, your Rose 2PlusID is created according to the following format:
First Name Initial + Last Name Initial + 7-digit Student ID Number

EXAMPLE: John Smith – Student ID is 0003418
Rose 2PlusID: JS0003418

Occasionally, the last name initial does not coincide with your current last name even if correctly updated in OASIS. If the proper initial does not work, try the last name initial of the name under which you were first admitted as a student at the college.

Learning Community & Orientation

All students have access to an online Learning Community course in D2L Brightspace which includes an orientation to the college and D2L. Participation in the discussions, assignments, and quizzes in this course is entirely optional unless required by your individual instructor. Look for a message on your D2L My Home page about this great resource! For help with your Rose D2L login, please see the D2L Login Help for Students page.

Class Attendance

If you are enrolled in a fully online class, it is critical that you log on to D2L before the class begins and at least once every other day after the course begins. Online attendance is monitored and measured by timely completion of assignments. 

System Check

When you access Rose D2L for the first time on your computer, it is recommended that you run a system check to ensure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements. The System Check link may be found on the sidebar links on this page. The system check ensures that you have the proper core plug-ins, a supported web browser, proper browser settings, and appropriate display settings. If you fail a component of the system check, you will receive an error message explaining why you failed and what actions to take to meet the requirements.

You need to allow pop-ups in your browser, toolbar, and security software on domain. This is tested in the System Check. In addition, you will have a much better D2L experience if you add the server web address to your trusted sites in your browser and any security software.

Logging In

For help with your Rose D2L login, please see the D2L Login Help page.

Accessing Your Courses

The courses and online communities to which you have access (past, present, and future) are listed in the My Courses widget on your My Home page. To access a course, click its hyperlinked course title. If a course is not currently available according to the settings made by the instructor, you will see a note below the course title indicating when access begins (or when access ended) and the title will not be hyperlinked. You can also enter a course through update links that appear below the course title when new discussions, quizzes, or dropbox feedback is available.

If you are assigned different roles in different courses, your courses are listed on separate tabs according to your course role. For instance, if you are a teaching assistant in one course and a student in others, you would have a Teaching Assistant tab and a Studenttab. Courses are further grouped by semester. You may expand or collapse a semester group by clicking the plus (+) and minus (-) signs in front of the semester name. Note: If you have access to a large number of courses, you may see a search box in the My Courses widget instead of a list of courses. In this case, just type part of the course name in the search box to access a course. A list of the 25 most recently accessed courses will appear below the search box. If you also have multiple roles, the search results page includes an Enrolled As drop-down menu. Use this to select search results for specific roles.

After Rose D2L accounts are created, new enrollments are processed by about 8:00 AM daily on Monday through Friday (unless the college is closed for a holiday). If you enroll in a course and you already have a D2L account, you may contact your instructor to add you to the D2L class list manually, or you may wait until the next morning to be added automatically.

If you drop a class, the course will be removed from your D2L account the following business day or you may contact your instructor and ask that it be removed. If your course disappears from your My Courses widget for some reason and you are still enrolled, please contact your instructor.

Instructors of on-campus courses will notify you if they use Rose D2L as an online supplement. Even if your instructor chooses not to use the system, you may still use it to communicate with other students in the class through D2L Discussions or Classlist.

Contacting Instructors Between Semesters

When contacting instructors between semesters, please keep in mind that instructors do not check messages regularly between semesters. You will find contact information for Internet course instructors in the Campus Directory. If you cannot reach the instructor, you may contact the appropriate division office to leave a message for the instructor, request textbook information, or ask to speak with someone knowledgeable about the course. Textbook information is also available by accessing your schedule in your OASIS account.

Course Email

Rose D2L Email is a send-only system which means that you may send email in D2L through the Classlist or any other place where an email message may be composed. The messages you send through D2L will appear in your Sent Mail folder in D2L. Receiving and replying to email takes place in college email accounts as do all other official college communications. It is important that all users ensure that they can access email accounts and resolve issues as soon as possible. Since the D2L system does not flag new email messages, users must check campus email accounts for new mail frequently. As a general rule, users should check email every other day during a 16-week semester and every day during an 8-week semester. Please see the Student Email Help page if you have questions about logging into student email. For your convenience, you will find a Student Email link in the D2L navigation bar for quick access to your email account.

Computer Labs

The college maintains several computer labs on campus with helpful and knowledgeable staff members. Students may receive personal assistance with campus logins, general computer help, and assistance locating information. The computers in these labs are loaded with Microsoft Office and other software appropriate to the division in which the lab is located. Students may print a reasonable number of pages. We do ask that students be aware of what they print and be as efficient as possible. Please print only what you need.

In addition to the computer labs, wireless access for guests is provided throughout the campus.

Academic Testing Services

Academic Testing Services in the LRC administers make-up tests for on-campus classes and tests for self-paced, correspondence, Internet, and telecourse classes. Most other colleges have a testing center that serves in this capacity. We have a reciprocating agreement with other colleges to have tests protored for our distance learning students at their institutions.


Most courses require software which can be obtained through free downloads. Students may already have the necessary software or may find it on our Downloads page. In addition, students enrolled in at least one business course are eligible for MSDN Academic Alliance Software

Need More Help?

Users seeking help with Brightspace, should first consult the articles available in our Knowledgebase. If you need further assistance, send a message via the Rose D2L Helpdesk. If you prefer contact by phone, please indicate that and include your phone number in your ticket submission.