Job Fair Tips

How to Get the Most out of a Job Fair

Dress Appropriately.

First Impressions matter! Wear interview appropriate clothing.  Look professional and serious about work.  Disguise or cover tattoos, remove any facial piercings and limit the amount of make-up and jewelry worn. Women should not wear low-cut tops or very short skirts. Your hair and nails should be clean. Wear comfortable shoes so that you can stand for a long time. 

Research the companies who are attending the fair before you go.

What types of positions or internships are they hiring for? Do you meet the minimum requirements?  Research the company culture, company growth and officers if possible. and the actual company websites are a good place to begin. 

What should you bring?

  • Bring plenty of Resumes – You may have an opportunity to apply for positions and interview on the spot.  If so, you will want to have your work history with dates so you can complete an application. Bring your resumes and a list of your references.  Carry these in a notebook portfolio or nice looking folder.
  • Bring some money for parking in case you have to pay to park.
  • Bring a bag to place recruiting materials in and a pen and some paper to write notes about positions and employers. 
  • Bring a breath mint, a hairbrush or comb, an umbrella in case it rains, and make-up to freshen up after you arrive. 
  • Don’t bring your minor children. Don’t come with friends unless they are looking for a job. Let them navigate the job fair on their own.

Pay full attention when visiting with employers.

The employers’ time is limited. You may be asked to go to the company webpage to apply. Be sure to take any flyers with their website and or application directions.  Make good eye contact, smile and shake hands. Silence your phone. Do not answer it while speaking with employers. Be sure to thank them for taking the time to visit with you about their company and any jobs that are available.  

What did I do wrong? Five common resume mistakes

  1. You have typos or incorrect spelling. Is the format professional and is the spelling and grammar 100% correct? Use an easy-to-read font in a size 11 or 12 in Garamond, Times New Roman or Calibri.
  2. Using “fluff” words. When using words such as “hard-working, team player, organized” quantify the details in your job descriptions such as, “lead a team of 10 members, increased sales by __% or set up a filing system and organized ___# of files.”
  3. Not using Keywords. Scan the job description for keywords that can match. Make sure to list your education, skills, experience, licenses, software and certificates that relate to the job.
  4. Using the same resume for every job application. Make sure that your resume is relevant to each job. You don’t have include every job in your work history, especially if unrelated.
  5. Did not include relevant unpaid, volunteer, internship or clinical experience. This work experience can be on your resume and can be especially helpful for new graduates

Printable version of "How to Get the Most Out of a Job Fair" and "What Did I do Wrong?" (PDF)