The Career Services Center is your resource for career and employment services including career exploration, job search, career planning, internship opportunities, career fairs, and workshops covering interview skills, resume and cover letter writing.

Career Advisement

If you enrolled at Rose State not quite sure what career and related major to pursue you are not alone. Other times students think they know their career path only to find for various reasons they want or need to make a change. Rose State is here to help! The college offers personal career advisement for any student who wishes to discuss career options and clarify plans for the future. An appointment is suggested. Please email to set up your introductory session with a career advisor.

Explore and Define Your Career Interests

Are you a bit unsure what career you would like to pursue? Would you like to have more information on what different types of careers are all about? Or, maybe you feel confident in your career interests but would like some added confirmation. Then take our online interest survey. It only takes about 10 minutes and you’ll have access to information about yourself and your career matches. Once you create your personal account you can return to the site to further explore details on hundreds of careers. By the way, you can take the assessment on your smartphone, too. It’s also available in Spanish. Click on the link below, then select “Sign Up.”


If you would like assistance interpreting or discussing your results, get in touch with career services at

Check Out Student-Led Career Interviews

Roadtrip Nation is a careers documentary film company whose productions are broadcast on PBS and can be found online. In Roadtrip Nation videos, college students travel the country to interview people from all walks of life. From CEOs of big companies to costume designers, magazine writers, biologists, chocolatiers, and beyond, thousands of people have shared their career and life stories.

Listening to others explain their winding career paths, their struggles and difficulties, and advice on how to move forward with greater confidence can be highly informative.

To explore the Roadtrip Nation resources, go to by clicking on the link below. The Documentaries tab provides full-length free episodes. The Career Exploration tab allows searching by interests and more. Some resources here are free, while access to other resources requires a $24 annual subscription.


Create Your Personal Student Success Profile

Your Student Success Profile will provide useful insights into your approach to life, how others may view your behavior, and how your behavioral tendencies may either support or hinder your performance both in college and at work. The output you receive is organized around ten variables that map to three main categories: Growth Mindset, Task Completion, and Self-Sufficiency. For each of the ten areas suggestions are provided for self-reflection and as a guide for further growth. Click on the link below, then Sign Up. If you already set up an account from taking the above Career Interest Survey, then select Log In with your previous account credentials. The assessment will typically take 30-35 minutes to complete.


If you would like assistance interpreting or discussing your results, get in touch with career services at

Job Search Skills and Strategies

  • Students will develop a targeted resume using the correct resume format.
  • Students will develop a targeted cover letter.
  • Students will identify their achievements, accomplishments, knowledge and skills in order to effectively market themselves for employment.
  • Students will know how to prepare for an interview, and minimize the anxiety associated with the interview process.
  • Students will learn the most effective strategies for finding the job they want and be able to develop a job search plan

Career Fairs