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Book Reviews

Book reviews are written in a variety of sources (journals, magazines, and newspapers). The easiest way to locate a book review for a particular book is to check an index first. The library has two major resources for locating book reviews Book Review Digest and Book Review Index. If you need additional help, please see the Reference Librarian or your Instructor.
Book Review Digest (REF Z1219 C96)
Book Review Index (REF Z1035 A1 B6)

Steps To Locating Book Reviews

  1. Determine the copyright date of the book for which you are trying to locate a review.
  2. Check Book Review Digest and Book Review Index for that year under the author's name. (If you don't find it, check the next year. Sometimes books published at the end of the year are not reviewed until the following year.)
  3. Check the A-Z Journal list to see if the library subscribes to the magazine or newspaper or if it’s available through one of the library’s online databases. (Abbreviations for magazine titles are explained in the front of each index.)
  4. The magazines are in alphabetical order at the south end of the first floor. The newspapers are along the east wall of the first floor.

Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature (Index Table; First Floor)
The Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature and other specialized indexes lists book reviews in the back of the annual volumes. Follow the same steps as listed above. These indexes may cover other magazines than those listed in Book Review Digest and Book Review Index.

Online Databases

Before entering the RSC Online Databases from off-campus, you will need to activate your campus username and password. Stop by the Reference Desk in the Library, and we will assist you in getting on the network. After completing this process on campus, you will be able to utilize any of the databases from wherever you have Internet access. More complete instructions may be found at Online Database Log-in Instructions.

EBSCOhost and InfoTrac will be the best databases for Book Reviews.


Although an unorganized resource, the Internet does contain valuable information. The library’s LITERATURE, BOOKS, MOVIES links will be most helpful for your assignment.
RSC's Author Guides
Reviews are also available through Internet Public Library's Literary Criticisms