Research Guides


Listed below are resources that may be helpful in your research. If you need additional help, please see the Reference Librarian or your Instructor.

Reference Books (First Floor)

  • Critical Survey of Poetry (REF PR502 C85)

  • Granger's Index to Poetry (REF PN1022 G7) has an author index, subject index, and title and first line index.

  • Literary Authors (REF Z1224 C65) is a compilation of resources available in the library and also online at Author Guides.

  • Masterplots II: Poetry (REF PN1110.5 M37) discusses the poem--its form, devices, themes, and meanings.

  • Poetry Criticism (REF PR502 P6) Provides criticisms on various poems. The cumulative indexes in each volume lists other sources such as Contemporary Literature Criticism.

  • Poetry for Students (REF PN1101 P756) makes poetry easy to understand. 

Online Library Catalog

The online card catalog is an index to the library’s books and audiovisual materials. You may search the catalog from any computer with Internet access. The online card catalog can be searched in a variety of ways most notably by TITLE, AUTHOR, SUBJECT, and KEYWORD.

Online Databases

Before entering the RSC Online Databases from off-campus, you will need to activate your campus username and password. Stop by the Reference Desk in the Library, and we will assist you in getting on the network. After completing this process on campus, you will be able to utilize any of the databases from wherever you have Internet access. More complete instructions may be found at Database Login Instructions. When logging into the databases from off-campus, students enter: rscusername (network log-in). Example: rscSM1234567

EBSCOhost and InfoTrac will be the best databases for Poetry.

EBSCOhost Databases

EBSCOhost is an online database service provider and is available from any computer with Internet access. The online databases provide indexing and full-text articles from periodicals and newspapers. MasterFILE Premier, Academic Search Elite, MagillOnLiterature, and MagillOnAuthors databases within EBSCOhost will be most helpful for your assignment.


InfoTrac is an online database service provider and is available from any computer with Internet access. The InfoTrac databases have both full-text articles and indexing information. The Literature Resource Center database within InfoTrac will be most helpful for your assignment.


Although an unorganized and unregulated resource, the Internet does contain valuable information. Valuable Internet links are available for some of the authors.

(Click here to go to the library's list of Author Guides.)

Additionally, the library's LITERATURE, BOOKS, MOVIES, and POETRY links will be helpful as well.

Representative Poetry Online: (Poets by Literary Period)

Voice of the Shuttle, Literature in English

Rose State College Learning Resources Center/Library (Reference: First Floor)

Listed below are resources to help you in your research. These resources include critical evaluations of literary works, plot summaries, discussions of themes and meanings, and information on the authors' styles and techniques.

Contemporary Authors First Revision Volumes (REF Z1224 C60

Contemporary Authors New Revision Series (REF Z1224 C65)
Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series (REF PN453 C63)
Contemporary Literary Criticism (REF PN771 C59)
Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism (REF PN771 T8)
Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism (REF PN761 N5)
Dictionary of Literary Biography (REF PN466 L57)
Dictionary of Literary Biography: Documentary Series (REF PN466 L575)
Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800 (REF PN86 L53)
Classical & Medieval Literature Criticism (REF PN610 C5)


Shakespearean Criticism (REF PR2965 S43)
Who's Who in Shakespeare (REF PR2989 Q4)
William Shakespeare: His World, His Work, His Influence (REF PR2976 W5354)
Shakespeare (REF PR2894 S38)
The Harvard Concordance to Shakespeare (REF PR2892 S62)

**All the Masterplots Series are available online through the MagillOnLiterature database within EBSCOhost.

Other Sources

Humanities Index (Index Table, First Floor)

Humanities Index is a print index, which lists sources of general and specific criticisms of authors and their works. It includes specialized literary journals, such as Poetry, Shakespeare Quarterly, and Modern Fiction Studies

Essay and General Literature Index (Index Table; First Floor)

The Essay and General Literature Index is a good guide to critical sources which are parts of books, such as an essay in a collection. Look under the subject (author’s last name). You will need to check the online card catalog to see if the library has the book listed. 

Gale Criticism Series Abbreviations

BLC (REF PS153 N5 B556) Black Literature Criticism
BW (REF PN490 B53) Black Writers
CA (REF Z1224 C6) Contemporary Authors First Revision Volumes
CAAS (REF PN453 C63) Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series
CANR (REF Z1224 C65) Contemporary Authors New Revision Series
CAP (REF Z1224 C59) Contemporary Authors Permanent Series
CLC (REF PN771 C59) Contemporary Literary Criticism
CLR (REF PN1009 A1 C5139) Children's Literature Review (We only have volumes 1-3)
CMLC (REF PN610 C5) Classical & Medieval Literature Criticism
DC (REF PR625 D7) Drama Criticism
DLB (REF PN466 L57) Dictionary of Literary Biography
DLBD (REF PN466 L575) Dictionary of Literary Biography Documentary Series
LC (REF PN86 L53) Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800
NCLC (REF PN761 N5) Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism
NNAL (REF PS508 I5 N38) Native North American Literature
PC (REF PR502 P6) Poetry Criticism
SSC (REF PN3321 S5) Short Story Criticism
TCLC (REF PN771 T8) Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism

We do NOT have the following series: AAYA, CABS, CDALB, CDBLB, DLBY, HW, MAICYA, MTCW, SAAS, SATA, WLC, and YABC.