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The materials listed below are available in the Rose State College Learning Resources Center/Library.


Rose State College Financial Aid Office

Oklahoma Higher Education Financial Aid Page

Funding Your Education: Federal Student Aid on the Web


The Financial Aid Homepage

Internet Public Library: Financial Aid, Scholarships & Fellowships

Scholarship Information in the Rose State Learning Resources Center/Library

REF LB2338 D56
Directory of financial aids for minorities.

REF LB2338 D564
Directory of financial aids for women.

REF LB2337.4 D6
Don't miss out.

REF LB2338 F48
Financial aid for the disabled and their families.

REF LB2338 K41
Financial aids for higher education.

REF LB2338 F5
Financial aid for veterans, military personnel, and their dependents.

LB2337.4 R67
How to obtain maximum college financial aid.

REF LB2337.2 C364
International scholarship directory: the complete guide to financial aid for study anywhere in the world.

LB 2337.4 N49
New ways of paying for college.

AV LB 2337.4 P37
Paying for college. [videorecording]

LB2342 H385
The tuition dilemma: assessing new ways to pay for college.

LB2337.4 O73
USA today financial aid for college: a quick guide to everything you need to know.


REF L901 S84
The adult learner's guide to alternative and external degree programs.

REF LB2331.63 A46
America's best colleges.

REF GV583 G72
Athletic scholarships: thousands of grants and over $400 million for college-bound athletes.

REF L901 B37
Barron's profiles of American colleges: descriptions of the colleges.

LC2781 B4656
The Black student's guide to college success.

LB2350.5 S64
Choosing a college: a guide for parents and students.

REF LA226 C685
The College blue book.

REF LA226 T685
The College comparison guide.

REF L901 C65
Comparative guide to American colleges: for students, parents, and counselors.

LB2351.52 U6 E87
Essays that worked: 50 essays from successful applications to the nation's top colleges.

REF LB2331.63 G67
The Gourman report: a rating of undergraduate programs in American and international universities.

REF L900 I58
International handbook of universities.

REF L901 M58
The Multicultural student's guide to colleges: what every African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic, and Native American applicant needs to know about America's top schools.

REF L901 P46
Peterson's annual guides/graduate study.

REF L901 P463
Peterson's annual guides/undergraduate study.

REF L901 P455
Peterson's competitive colleges.

REF L901 B37
Profiles of American colleges.


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