Research Tips

How to Find Articles

What Are Periodicals?

Periodicals are continuous publications such as journals, newspapers, or magazines. They are issued regularly (daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly). The Rose State LRC Catalog includes records for all the periodicals that are received by the LRC. The Catalog does not include information about the articles within those periodicals. To find a periodical article, use periodical databases or indexes.

Finding Periodicals

When you do not have a citation to a specific article, but you do want to find articles on a subject, by a specific author or authors, or with a known article title, you can use one or more periodical indexes. How do you know which periodical index to use?

  • First determine what kind of periodicals you want. Do you want
    • scholarly journals?
    • newspapers and substantive news sources?
    • popular magazines?
    • all three kinds?
  • If you want popular magazines, begin with one of our online databases, i.e., EBSCOhost.
  • If you are not sure which kind of periodical you want or you are not sure which periodical database or index to use, ask a librarian at the reference desk.

Locating Periodicals in the Library

All hardcopy periodicals in the LRC are shelved alphabetically by title in the south end of the first floor. Back issues of periodicals are kept on microfilm and are shelved next to the hardcopies. If you cannot find what you want, ask at the reference desk.